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a blunt knife has larger surface area than a sharp one. Hence force applied will have its effect on larger area causing it difficult to cut vegetables.

(its just like : a nail is hammered into the wall from its pointed side....if tried to hammer on the opposite side the result will be nothing.

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The bread below the knife's edge is parted on either side of the knife if it is sharp, but simply crushed below it if the edge is blunt.

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Q: Why it is difficult to cut a bread with blunt knife?
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Why is it difficult to cut with a blunt knife?

A blunt knife's edge is thicker but not sharp. Hence, it is difficult to cut with a blunt knife.

Why is it difficult to cut vegetables with blunt knife give reason?

Because your knives are all dull. Sharp knives cut tomatoes quite easily.

What tool used to cut bread?

A bread knife.

Why It is easy to cut vegetable with a sharp knife than a blunt one?

The sharp edge of the knife has less area than the blunt edge. So we are able to cut easily using less strength with a sharp edge of the knife.

What is the function of a bread knife?

A four loaf cleaver

Why is easier to cut an apple with sharp knife than a blunt knife?

A blunt knife tends to squash the fruit before cutting. A sharp knife will slice through the fruit without squashing. Less pressure is needed to slice with a sharp knife.

What is bread knife and What is it use?

a bread knife is used to cut through tough loaves of bread leaving few crumbs unlike most other knives.

Why does a knife becomes blunt with use?

Abrasion. Whenever you cut something the two materials (one of them the knife) wear off on each other.

Can blunt objects cut you?

Yes, blunt objects can cut you...But it's somewhat difficult for them to do so, as they require vast amounts of both energy and force to do so.

How do you make a sandwich without using a spoon?

Try using a knife if you haven't used a knife but be careful not to cut the bread and not cut yourself:)

What is a challah knife used for?

It's used to cut the challah-bread on shabbat.

How can you use the word jaged in a sentence?

Assuming jagged with two g is meant ... The knife was blunt so the cut had a jagged edge.