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Yes. Without variation in organisms for natural selection to choose from there would be no change in allele frequency over time in the population of organisms under discussion. This is the definition of evolution, so without change over time, no evolution.

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Q: Why would evolution crease if the entire population had the same genetic makeup?
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Can a species remain unchanged for hundreds of thousands of years according to evolution?

In theory, they can remain unchanged for their entire existence. However, in practise, nature isn't so nice and evolution happens eventually.

What are the six processes of Macro evolution?

The 6 important patterns of macroevolution are: 1.Mass Extinction 2.Adaptice Radiation 3.Coverage Evolution 4.Coevolution 5.Punctual Equilibrium 6. Changes in development genes

Purpose of random assignment and using a representative sample in research?

To get a more accurate estimate of the entire population.

The basic mechanisms of evolutionary change cannot be observed in nature?

No. Evolution can be observed in both nature and laboratory settings, the main problem is that it's difficult to view in humans because humans live a long time and also cover the entire planet. Since humans live so long and are everywhere, most of the mechanisms behind evolution take a very long time to have any effect. Looking at species that don't live so long or that can possibly migrate/move, evolution is easily observed. Take ring species, a population starts at one end of a "ring" shaped land mass, the population then splits, one half moves around the ring one way while the other half moves around the ring another way. This population which was the same species with the same traits becomes very different by the time they reach the other side of the ring.

The combined alleles of all the individuals in a population is what?

The entire collection of genes among a population is called the "gene pool".

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Explain the difference between adaptation and evolution?

Adaptations refer to changes adopted by individuals whereas evolution applies to changes involving the entire population.

When this is on the operator the genes are off?

When a mutation is on the operator a gene can die which leads to an evolution of the entire genetic makeup. Also when lactose is absent and the genes should be switched off.

What is the region surrounding the crease in the skin at the junction of the upper leg with the trunk?

The groin is the area surrounding the crease in the skin at the junction of the upper leg with the trunk. The entire region is the pelvic region.

What does Variations in genotype through an entire population describes?

It is genetic diversity, next time figure it out yourself. Pay more attention in school you dummy!

What are the evidence of evolution for DNA?

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic material because it contains the code for the entire organism. It's sort like an equation from which an entire organism with all it's unique differences can be created.

Which is a disadvantage of asexual reproduction?

Lack of genetic diversity which may result in destruction of an entire population if there is a change in climatic or environmental conditions; the population does not have a gene pool that may provide some resistant members which could survive

Is a census a collection of data based on a sample or the entire population?

The entire population.

What are the divisions of evolution?

Evolution is sometimes described as macro-evolution, which is the long-term evolution of an entire new species, and micro-evolution, which is largely to do with less significant evolutionary changes within a species. Many creationists accept the existence of micro-evolution, but say that macro-evolution does not occur.

What increases genetic varition?

Genetic variation is a direct results of many sources of genetic material and their unconstrained interaction. The larger the population and the fewer restrictions on how they can be integrated the more diverse the genetic variation. This allows for better natural selection and also reduced the ability of disease from affecting the entire population. The founder effect describes genetic variation in communities established by few people. Inbreeding in small closed communities leads to abundances of recessive ailments. This can be seen in hereditary royal families and closed remote communities.

The entire book of genetic instructions an organism inherits is called?


What is the entire group that the researcher is studying?

The entire group that the researcher is interested in is called the population or the target population.

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