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Q: Economy dominated by petroleum has the largest oil reserves in the Western Hemisphere?
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Match the country in column 1 with its short description in column 2?

Panama- plays a crucial role in world trade and has become a regional financial center; Uruguay- about 90% of the population is of white European ancestry; Venezuela- economy dominated by petroleum, has the largest oil reserves in the Western Hemisphere; Brazil- largest most populated country in South America, natives speak Portuguese

Why must Saudi Arabia diversify its economy?

Saudi Arabia does not "need" to diversify its economy (since it has about 100 years of petroleum reserves), but it is better to have a diverse economy in order to better respond to international pressures and protect against losses in value that could come from changes in petroleum price.

Are there any significant petroleum reserves in Greece?

Reserves = 10 million barrels. See attached link. Production is insufficient to meet demand, so I would not characterize them as significant to the economy of Greece. Now if I owned them, it would be a different story!

What was one reason the United states dominated the world economy?

What was one reason the United states dominated the world economy

What economy dominated the north?

The Factories

What country is richer Yemen or Egypt?

Egypt is richer than Yemen due to a more modern economy (with various manufacturing plants), large petroleum reserves, and a relatively fruitful agricultural sector.

What has the author Robert Bamberger written?

Robert Bamberger has written: 'Energy emergency preparedness policy' -- subject(s): Energy conservation, Energy policy, Government policy, Petroleum industry and trade, Petroleum reserves 'The state of recorded sound preservation in the United States' -- subject(s): Copyright and digital preservation, Fair use (Copyright), Conservation and restoration, Digitization, Digital preservation, Sound archives, Copyright, Soung recordings, Sound recordings, Sound recording libraries 'World oil and the ANWR potential' -- subject(s): Economic aspects of Petroleum industry and trade, Energy consumption, Energy policy, Oil and gas leases, Petroleum industry and trade, Petroleum products, Petroleum reserves, Prices 'Energy and the 98th Congress' -- subject(s): Energy policy, United States, United States. Congress 1983-1984) 'Oil supply disruptions and the U.S. economy' -- subject(s): Econometric models, Economic conditions, Petroleum industry and trade, Petroleum products, Petroleum reserves, Prices 'The naval petroleum reserves' -- subject(s): Fuel, Petroleum reserves, United States, United States. Navy 'Gasoline rationing' -- subject(s): Gasoline supply, Rationing 'Petroleum industry ills' -- subject(s): Energy policy, Petroleum industry and trade, Petroleum law and legislation, Petroleum products, Prices

What will happen to Saudi Arabia economy when reserves of petroleum are exhausted after 20-25 years?

The oil in Saudi Arabia will not be exhausted by 2040. Estimates give it far longer than that; it is the Gulf Countries that are more limited in their reserves. As for the meat of the question, e.g. what will happen to the Saudi economy when the reserves are, it will depend on how the income has been invested. Saudi Arabia has historically been slower to diversify its portfolio and, if current investment trends continue, Saudi Arabia will have a sharp decline following the exhaustion of its reserves.

What is Iraqs economy based on?

The economy in Iraq before the fall of Saddam and after has been the sale of its crude oil from proven oil reserves. These reserves are quite large and keep its economy going.

Who dominated the southern agrarian economy?

The southern agrarian economy was dominated by wealthy landowners. An agrarian economy primarily relies on farming. The majority of these economies went away during the industrial revolution.

What crop dominated southern economy and culture?


The commercial economy of New England was dominated by?


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