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3,323 miles of paved roads

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Q: How many miles of paved roads are there in the US?
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What US state has the most miles of paved roads?

Texas has the most miles of paved roads, i believe it's somewhere around 250,000 miles of paved roads

How many miles of paved roads in the US in 1925?


How many miles of paved roads in US?

According to the most recent (2007) data available, there are 2,615,870 miles (4,209,835 km) of paved roads in the U.S.

What percentage of the US has paved roads and highways?

Paved U.S. RoadsAccording to the most recent (2004) data, the percentage of the roads in the U.S. that are paved is 64.5%.

How many miles of paved road are there in the US now?

131 23

How many miles of unpaved roads are there in the US?

Miles of Paved Roads in the USAccording to the Federal Highway Administration 2008 statistics, there are 2,734,102 miles of paved public roads in the United Sates, with an additional 1,324,245 miles of unpaved public roads. This information can be found in Table HM-12 of "Highway Statistics 2008."

There are nearly how many million miles of roads in the US?


Would it be true that 94 percent of the US' roads are paved with asphalt?

Yes, it is true that 94 percent of the United States are paved with asphalt.

Why are paved road important to us?

Paved roads are important because it is straight and direct for cars to drive and it is good for the driver because it can take the right direction.

Was M1 woodward ave in Detroit first paved road?

Woodward Avenue may have been the first road paved with CONCRETE in the US. That occurred in 1909. The earliest paved roads in the US date at least to the 1820s. Most US cities had paved roads by the 1880s and 90s. The oldest KNOWN paved road is a 7 1/2 mile route in Egypt, not far from Cairo. It was built 4,600 years ago. The 2nd oldest is in Ur, in Iraq, at least 4,000 years old.

Why were roads necessary to roman republic?

Roads were necessary to the Roman republic for the same reasons that roads are necessary for us -- to get people and things from here to there. When we talk about the famous Roman roads, we are talking about the paved roads, rather than the earlier unpaved roads. The first paved road was the Appian way, which was built in 312 BC to speed up the movement of Roman troops to the front of the Second Samnite War (326-304 BC). The Roman Republic needed paved roads for military purposes. This need started when they expanded into Italy through wars with various Italian peoples. The paved roads also made the transport of supplies to the Roman military bases quicker and easier.

What us state has the highest percentage of paved roads?

According to NCDOT, they MAINTAIN about 80,000 miles of highways, second, only to Texas. That, of course, doesn't include all paved roads such as some that are in subdivisions maintained by HOAs, municipalities, schools, private streets, etc... They also maintain 12,712 bridges which ranks them #13.