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I think the champions are automatic, runners up via the qualifiers

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Q: How many scottish premiership teams can qualify for champions league football?
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How many scottish teams to qualify for champions league 2011?

I think it is two, and it is Celtic and Glasgow rangers each year.

Do the top three fotll teams go into the europeon league?

In the English Premiership, the top two automatically qualify for the Champions League proper, whilst third and fourth place teams qualify for the Champions League qualifying rounds. The fifth team qualifies for the Europa League.

How many premiership teams qualify for Europa league?

The first and second place teams automatically qualify. Third and Fourth place teams go into a Champions League qualifying round. Fifth place qualifies for the UEFA Cup.

How many teams from England can qualify to the champions league Is it 4 or 5?

in england, 4 teams can qualify to the champions league.

Did Manchester united qualify?

They qualify for champions league 99% of the time !

Did tottenham qualify for UEFA 2011?

They didn't qualify for the UEFA Champions League but they did qualify for the Europa League.

Is everton going to win champions league?

Anything can happen in football ofcourse but Everton have no chance of winning Champions League in the near future because they haven't qualified this year. And even if they do qualify there is a LOT of competition in the CL.

When Liverpool didn't finish high enough in the premiership to qualify for the 2006 champions league why where they allowed in the competition?

Because they went into pre-qualifacation round wich they got 5th place and had the chance to play for a spot in the group stage

Which countries qualify for the champions league?

Only clubs qualify for the champion league each year.

Do arsenal have to qualify for the champions league?

NO they dont HAVE to qualify. But qualifying for the the tournament is a big achievement as it is the premier tournament of Europe.

Does winning the champions league automatically qualify a team for the Champions League?

yes it does.the team will go for play off.

Why is it that the world cup champions do not automatically qualify in the next world cup?

They do