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where is it, why is it here and how did it get here.

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Q: Questions geographers ask
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What do geographers ask?

Geographers ask various questions about the world. For example, they might be interested to know how tall a specific mountain is.

What two questions do geographers ask while studying different places?

Where and why

What are the two questions geographers ask?

One.) where things are located? Two.) why they are they there ?

What is the difference between the way historian and geographers look at the world?

Historians ask "when?" while geographers ask questions like "why there?" or "why do we care?" as in how does it affect us.

What two questions do geographers always ask about a place?

1) Where am I? 2) How did I get here?

What two questions geographers always ask about a place?

1) Where am I? 2) How did I get here?

What are the four questions geographers ask?

The four questions that geographers ask is:Why the earth is spherical?How the earth was formed?Why the interior part of the earth is hotter than the external part?How the mountains and other physical features were formed.

What are the 4 basic questions geographers ask?

1.What is earth2.Where is the is the earth earth4.rock?

What are the two questions that Geographers ask when they study the Earth?

When Geographers study the earth they will want to find out the spatial dimension (where something is and why is it there) and the ecological dimension (how do humans interact with it).

How is geography like science?

Geography is like science because many of the questions that geographers ask deal with how the world works for example : they want to know what causes mountains to form etc. to answer questions like these, geographers have to think and act like scientists. As scientists, geographers look at data or information that they gather about places. Like other scientists, geographers must examine their findings just like you do in science :) Information from Eastern Hemisphere textbook by Christopher L. Salter

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