What is longhitude?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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tangaa , ang longhitud ay mahabang guhit na mkkita sa GLOBO ! ok ?

-- tinangg <3

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Q: What is longhitude?
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What s longhitude?

longhitude is taas na bakokang

What country is 29 north latitude and 82 east longhitude?

Karnali Hwy, 21300, Nepal.

Anong ang tawag sa pahalang na guhit na likhang isip na pinapaikot sa globo?


Ano ang ibig sabihin ng longhitude?

ito ay ang mga patayong guhit na makikita sa globo.

How many longhitude does the globe has?

All the way around the globe once is defined as 360 degrees of longitude. Just like all the way around anything circular. That way, every step of the way around the globe has its own unique longitude, and there's no place that doesn't have one.

What country is 70 degrees north latitude and 150 degrees west longhitude?

That particular point is located on the north slope of the Brooks Range, about 28 miles southeast of Nuiqsut and 40 miles southwest of Deadhorse, in the state of Alaska, in the United States of America. Any other point has a different latitude and/or longitude, even if it's in the same country.

What country is 15 degrees north latitude 100 degrees east longhitude?

Those coordinates describe a single point, in south-central Thailand about 94 miles north-northwest of the center of Bangkok. Other points in the country have different coordinates.

What is the longhitude and latitude of Nigeria?

The northernmost point of the seating area at Teslim Balogun Soccer Stadium on the Alhaji Masha Road in Lagos is located at 6.5008&Acirc;&deg; north latitude 3.3610&Acirc;&deg; east longitude. Other spots around town have somewhat different coordinates. The center of Alagbado, roughly 20 km to the north, where I supervised the installation of a microwave link for Chief Raymond Dokpesi in late Summer of 1999, is located at 6.6746&Acirc;&deg; north latitude 3.2699&Acirc;&deg; east longitude.

What direction of longhitude?

If you have a map or globe with some longitude lines printed on it, you'll find that they stay where they are and do not move from day to day. Regardless of how many there may be on your particular map or globe, each of them has the same length ... about 12,500 miles ... and joins the north and south poles.