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Barcelona Nights, by Ottmar Liebert (album Nouveau Flamenco) maybe?

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Mebe a guitar

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Q: What is that song that goes di di di di- di di di di- de do du by guitar it's an instrumental piece of art?
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Acoustic guitar song with out lyrics is called?

Music without lyrics is referred to as "an instrumental piece".

Lyrics to the babar theme song?

There is no lyrics. It's a simple instrumental piece.

Can you suggest an instrumental song with medium difficulty to be played with an acoustic guitar?

Buckethead - wake the dead

Who sings the Rush Hour theme song?

The theme song for Rush Hour is an instrumental piece by Lalo Schifrin.

What is an operatic song called?

An operatic song is called an aria. This is a solo song that is a self contained piece that can be with or without instrumental music.

Is there an instrumental recording of madame butterfly?

"Madame Butterfly" is a classical music piece. The instrumental recording of this song is available on YouTube or other music websites.

What are some easy guitar solos?

The song 'Ending Credits' by Opeth is easy to play and technically it is a solo as it is an instrumental.

Can you suggest me an instrumental song to played with a guitar on stage?

Samba pa ti - Santana, great instrumental, used to be on the M&S advert or, In Dulci Jubilo- Mike oldfield, another great instrumental Cheers.

What are the lyrics to the song Trepak?

There are no lyrics to the song Trepak because it is an instrumental piece. It is by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky from the famous ballet The Nutcracker.

A lyrical movement or piece for solo voice with instrumental accompaniment is called a?

A "leid" in German, a "song" in English.

The short lyric piano piece was the instrumental equivalent of?

Was the equivalent to the song. (Thats what my music book says in it)

What movie did the song the shadow of your smile come from?

"The Shadow of Your Smile" was done as an instrumental piece for the movie: The Sandpiper.

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