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Q: What is the Surface perimeter of a tetrahedron?
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What the total surface area of the regular tetrahedron?

A regular tetrahedron, with edges of length 1 units, has a total surface area of sqrt(3) square units.

What is a area and perimeter-?

The area is the square surface and the perimeter is the total distance around the surface.

What does P stand for in surface area?

P stands for Perimeter- The distance around a shape

What is the formula to find the surface area of a tetrahedron?

It depends on whether or not the tetrahedron is regular. There is nothing in the question to indicate that it might be regular. In that case the easiest way to calculate the surface area is to sum the areas of each of its 4 faces.

What is the perimeter of Neptune?

Neptune is a 3-D figure, it doesn't have a perimeter, it has a surface area.

What the measurement of the outer surface of an OBJECT?

The perimeter

What is the approximate surface area of a regular tetrahedron with edge length 10 cm?


What is a curved outer surface of a circle?

The curved outer surface of a circle is the perimeter.

What you a tetrahedron?

I am not a tetrahedron!

Does the surface of your desk describe area or perimeter?


What is the difference between the perimeter and the area?

The difference between a perimeter and an area is the area is how much space is inside of a surface or a two dimensional object while the perimeter is the distance around a surface or a two dimensional object.

How do you find the perimeter of a cube?

There no such thing as perimeter of 3D objects . Generally perimeter is for 2D objects but you can find the surface are of a cube if you wished to ask that. Surface area of cube is - 6 x side x side.

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