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The Scotland Rugby team has no nickname.

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Q: What is the nickname for the Scotland rugby team?
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What is the name of the Scotland rugby team?

They don't have a nickname as other national teams do...

What is Scotland's rugby union nickname?

The thistle's

What is Scotlands rugby team name?

England are the best team as they have won more matches.

When was Scotland national rugby union team created?

Scotland national rugby union team was created in 1871.

How successful is the Scotland rugby team?

The measure of a rugby team is their performance in the World Cup. The national rugby team of Scotland has appeared in this tournament four times. Their best result was fourth place.

Which rugby team have the nickname quins?

The "Harlequins Rugby Club", a premiership rugby union team based at Twickenham Stoop in Hampstead, have been giving the nickname "quins" by their fans.

What is Ireland's rugby team name?

Ireland's National rugby squad doesn't have a nickname

Which Rugby League team has the nickname the Rams?


What is the nickname of the Japanese rugby team?

The Blue Samurai.

What is the nickname of the south Australian rugby union team?

The South Australian Rugby Union team have the nickname the "Black Falcons"

What is the nickname of the great Britain rugby league team?


Does Italy's rugby team have a nickname?

nicknamed Gli Azzurri