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Systematic geography

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Q: What kind of geography focuses on the discipline's topical fields of study?
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Why are two specialized fields of geography?

two specialized fields of geography are: physical geography, and human geography

What is the relationship of geography to other scientific disciplines?

Geography is dependent of other fields for data. Soil relates to agriculture, physiography relates to geology, the subject of people relates to economics or sociology, political geography relates to history, mathematical geography relates to astronomy, climatology relates to meteorology, and bio-geography relates to biology.

What are two specialized fields in geography?

Economic Geography Human Geography

What are two specialized fields of geography?

I am as a 7th grade student saying Physical geography and human are not the two specialized fields of geography the actual 100 % answer is Economic geography and urban geography.....

What are the 5 fields of geography?

History, Geography, Culture, Economics, Government

When is geography used in the real world?

Geography is about the real world. Geography as a discipline can be split broadly into two main subsidiary fields: human geography: largely focuses on the built environment and how humans create, view, manage, and influence space. Used in town planning. physical geography: examines the natural environment and how organisms, climate, soil, water, and landforms produce and interact. Used in environmental planning

What are the 2 specialized fields of geography?

For me, its telling what are the 2 main branches, so its physical and human geography

What fields of biology focuses on how characteristics are passed on to offspring?


What are the disciplines of psychology?

it is the same thing as the sub-fields / sub categories of psychology - unik j

Why geographers needed in so many fields of work?

The geographers are needed in so many different fields of work because of the number of subjects that are covered under Geography. Geography is divided into human geography which deals with topics that are related to sociology and economic geography which includes topics that are related to agriculture.

What made geography spurred to expand not many other fields?


What other subjects do geographers study in their careers?

different fields of geography

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