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In Venice Italy the streets are canals, and you move around using Gondolas.

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Q: Where in the world are all the streets paved with water?
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What was the first European city that had all of its streets paved?

In Rome, the world's first paved streets were laid out in 170 B.C. The new streets were popular, as they were functional in all types of weather and were easy to keep clean, but they amplified the city's noise level.

How many miles of streets in New York city?

There are 508.38 miles of street in Manhattan. If you include all 5 boroughs, there are 5936.18 miles of paved streets (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island)

How many miles of street exist in New york city?

There are 508.38 miles of street in Manhattan. If you include all 5 boroughs, there are 5936.18 miles of paved streets (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island)

Why is there water in Italy all over the place instead of streets?

That's only in one city, Venice. Other cities have normal streets.

What the towns cities villages look like in roman empire?

The Romans built cities and towns on a grid/ pattern. They all were the same plan with a city center and streets going out from there. Included were baths, amptheaters, arenas, fountains,and temples. The streets were paved with gutters to wash away the dirt, refuse, and garbage. The fountains provided water and the wealthy often had water piped to their houses. In the larger cities there were shopping areas and malls. Rome had the first mall.

Which state has most miles of paved roads?

According to NCDOT, they MAINTAIN about 80,000 miles of highways, second, only to Texas. That, of course, doesn't include all paved roads such as some that are in subdivisions maintained by HOAs, municipalities, schools, private streets, etc... They also maintain 12,712 bridges which ranks them #13.

What do the spanish children do when they run into the streets?

They move their legs rapidly when they run into the streets. As a second reason, they play like all the other children do allover the world.

What is red slop?

"Red slop" is referred to in the book To Kill A Mockingbird, when it is talking about Maycomb. In context, it means that when it rained the streets got all muddy with a reddish tint. Probably there was red in the dirt in the area, since the streets were not paved. Slop is just a reference to the muddy, marshy consistency that you would have to walk through when it rained.

What percentage of the roads and highways in China are paved?

According to the World Bank, 81.62% of all roads in China are paved.According to the most recent (2005) data available, 82.5% of the roads and highways in China are paved. See Sources and related links for more information.

What is all the water in the world called?


What'd happen if all streets be paved in gold?

The value of gold would drop to that of blacktop. Roads would become very shiny and slippery. Road surface wear would increase. We'd probably get to see new tire designs.

How was Czechoslovakia involved in World War 2?

Germany raided the streets and set off bombs all over.

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