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Q: What does a good archer rainbow on Evony consist of?
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What does the name evony mean?

Nothing, it just a random world which the evony staff thought it was good

What are some good names for evony?

Killer, Conqueror, Demolisher.

How do you make a good wall on evony?

You should always keep your walls at a high level. Train mostly Archer Towers, but also train rollinglogs and trebuchets because they can destroy ballistae. Also, it helps to keep a several abatises in there to scare people from raiding you with cavalry.

How do you get good things on the Wheel of Fortune in evony?

There is no way to decide what you get on the wheel in evony, but you can farm with a bot and get lots of mich scripts and other nice things.

What makes a good archer?

Find the nearest archery club to you and join,they will have trained coaches that will help make you a good archer

What good are evony champions?

Nothing, it just shows you your best heros

What is a good website for kids? is good for kids but you have to buy it first. and free realms and evony

What are some free websites like evony? these 2 are very good, especially look up evony websites or evony guides on google and it show you bunch of website is evonyy's forum page for ageI and ageII

Is evony free forever a good game?

Yes it is a very good game to test your rpg skills and such..

What is a good name for a hobbit?

Bogrin Archer.

What is a good team for siegius?

If 3 men: Peasant, Legionary, Archer If 4 men: Peasant, Legionary, Archer, Healer If 5 men: Peasant, Legionary, Archer, Healer, Fire Archer/Centurion/Cavalry

Is evony a good browser game?

yes, it is a good war strategy game for those who really are into strategy games