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A brilliant cut diamond of one carat weighs exactly the same as a mine cut of one carat.

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Q: What weighs more brilliant cut or mine cut diamond?
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How many carats is a 6 mm diamond?

If the diamond is a round brilliant cut, the measurement across the girdle is between 5.9 mm, which weighs approximately .75 carats, and 6.2 mm, which weighs approximately .85 carats. If the diamond is a different cut, there is not enough information in your question to answer it: other cuts require more than one measurement.

What is the biggest diamond mine in the world?

The largest diamond mine in the world is the Jwaneng diamond mine in Botswana. Jwaneng mine is jointly owned by the Debswana Diamond Company and the Botswana government. It produces some of the highest quality diamonds in the world.

What is the depth of the deepest diamond mine?

A mine in Mirny, Siberia claims online to be the largest, deepest diamond mine, to a depth of more than 500 meters. You can read more about it, and view images, below.

What is the difference between diamonds and mine diamonds?

"Mine Diamonds" or "Old Mine" Diamonds refers to a specific shape of a cut and polished diamond popular many years ago. Diamonds that are mined from the earth are in a "rough" state, that is not yet cut and polished. The rough diamond is then cleaved, or sawed into two or more pieces, and then those pieces are shaped by further cutting, bruting, or polishing into a specific shape. The popular shapes of diamonds today include the Round Brilliant (the most popular) the Princess, the Emerald, the Radiant, the Pear, the Marquise, the Oval, the Heart, the Cushion, the Trillion shapes. The "Old Mine" shape was the early predecessor of the Round Brilliant, and resembled the modern Cushion shape. The Old Mine shape evolved into the "Old European" shape, which was more round.

Why was diavik diamond mine built?

According to the Diavik Diamond Mine Web site, below, the mine covers three kimberlite pipes -- diamond ore bodies -- that produce higher-than-average-quality stones. Read more about the mine in its fact book, below.

What diamond cut is the cheapest?

Princess cut. They can retain 80% of the raw diamond and make less cuts while retaining only 50% of the raw diamond in a round or brilliant cut diamond and making more cuts to give the brilliant appearance.

How many carats in the biggest black diamond?

You can read more about the Spirit of de Grisogono black diamond, below, which weighs 312.24 carats.

How big is a 112 pt diamond?

If your abbreviation pt translates to points, then the diamond weighs 1.12 carats.There is no more information about the diamond given this description -- not its cut, colour, or clarity.

Is a diamond cut a miner's or mine cut?

Grammatically, mine cut is proper. You can read more about how this cut got its name, below.

How many faces must be cut into a diamond before it can be classed as brilliant?

By faces, one must assume that you mean facets. The brilliant cut, according to Wikipedia: "The original round brilliant-cut was developed by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. The modern round brilliant consists of 58 facets..." You can read more, below.

What is the comparative or superlative for brilliant?

more brilliant, most brilliant

How can you make a diamond sword minecraft?

You need to find a block of raw diamond in nature (very deep underground) and mine it with an iron pickaxe or better. You will then have a couple pieces of diamond that can be crafted into a diamond block used for decoration.One does'nt just make diamond. You have to mine for diamonds....