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if you're submissive, you do what your told with no question and can come across as being scared of the person you are being submissive to. Submissive posture is different to dominant. You would stand smaller and would probably look down /fidget a bot. Being submissive can be mis-read as being scared, but it's kinda being really obedient and trusting. A submissive dog would do as it's told and would not jump up or bark at the person, it would be calm/submissive :)

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Q: What is a submissive attitude?
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How would you use'submissive' in a sentence?

Submissive means to be a "giving in" type of person or attitude. It can mean that the person has no will of his own, or can imply that the person is suppressing a desire to do something else at a later time.Andrew was a submissive student but secretly plotted to dominate the honor roll. Rhonda is a submissive wife, deferring to her husband's will in all things. When addressing royalty, one must be submissive because they are the rulers.

Can you give a sentence for the word submissive?

the young dog was submissive to the leader of the pack

Should Christians be submissive?

They should be submissive to God.

What is a sentence for the word submissive?

The dog was submissive to its owner when it rolled over and exposed its belly.The citizens were tired and submissive.

A sentence using the word submissive?

The citizens were tired and submissive.

What is the greek word for submissive?

υποβολή [ee po vo lee] : submission of a plan / an application (υποβολή σχεδίου / αίτησης)υποταγή [ee po ta yee] : to submit to a conqueror

Do submissive females suffer from low self-esteem?

Some submissive females have low self-esteem, but not all. Usually, submissive people do not behave in a submissive manner toward everyone. Often, they are only submissive to their mate. Those who are submissive to people in general, though, usually do have low self esteem.

What is the submissive in Filipino word?

Filipino translation of submissive: mababang loob

Are Asian women more submissive?

Slightly more due to their submissive past in eastern asia, where women had a more submissive role.

What is the sentence that uses the word submissive in The Outsiders?

"Ponyboy gave a submissive look." is the sentence

Is jesus submissive in duty with god?

Is Christ Jesus submissive in His duty to God? Yes.

What is the opposite of bossy?


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