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According to 2011 sencus, Estevan has a population of 11,054.

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The population of Estevan is 10,084.

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Q: How many people live in Estevan?
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What is the population density of Estevan?

Estevan's population density is 574.4 people per square kilometer.

When was Estevan Ochoa born?

Estevan Ochoa was born in 1831.

When was Estevan created?

Estevan was created on 1957-03-01.

When did Estevan Riot happen?

Estevan Riot happened in 1931.

What is the area of Estevan?

The area of Estevan is 17.56 square kilometers.

How long did Father Estevan Tapis live?

He lived for 71 years 69 days (approx).

What has the author Estevan Varona de Valdivielso written?

Estevan Varona de Valdivielso has written: 'Estevan Varona de Valdivielso'

Who were the pueblo Indians who killed estevan?

The Zuni people. A:shiwi in their own language.

Who is estevan jimenez?

estevan jimenez is a bamf from C13 and will be a boss until he dies.

Who built mission Santa Ines?

Father Estevan TapisFather Estevan Tapis

When was Michel Estevan born?

Michel Estevan was born on 1961-09-28.

How many kilometers is Estevan Sask from Red Deer AB?

595 km