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She stood at the end of the drive to watch the car's lights vanish into the night.

He watched the sun vanish beyond the horizon.

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Q: Sentence of word vanish
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What kind of sentence can you make with the word vanish?

She watched the magician make the rabbit vanish into thin air.

What is a sentence using the word vanish?

I still don't understand how an object can be seen to vanish. With a quick flourish of his hand and a puff of smoke from behind the handkerchief, the magician made the rabbit vanish.

What is the root word for vanish?

The root word for "vanish" is "vanus", which comes from the Latin word meaning "empty" or "void".

Can you give an example of a sentence with the word vanish in it?

Take this diet pill and pounds fanish like magic! It is hard to believe that a child could vanish into thin air. It never takes long for a plate of homemade cookies to vanish at our house. We watched as the magician made the coins vanish. The lotion is so amazing that it makes freckles vanish.

Does gape fit this sentence as the magicians assistan seemed to vanish into thin air.?

No, "gape" does not fit in this sentence. "Vanish" already implies that the magician's assistant disappeared suddenly or mysteriously, so the word "gape" (meaning to open wide) would not be appropriate in this context.

What is a sentence with vanish?

The magician made the rabbit vanish from the hat in a puff of smoke.

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What is a sentence using the word transitory?

-Life is only transitory. Savor it. It's only temporary. -Some molecules are only transitory before they vanish.

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