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Ever since she was a little girl, Gretchen knew she wanted to join a sorority when she went to college.

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Q: What is a sentence for the word sorority?
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What part of speech is the word sorority?

The word sorority is a noun. The plural is sororities.

How many syllables in the word sorority?

Sorority has four syllables.

What is the french word for sorority?

sorority to sororite it is pronounced (so-ro-reat-ae)

How do you use the word fraternal in a sentence?

"Frat brats" belong to a fraternal organization. A sorority is for girls, a fraternity is for boys. Is his relationship fraternal? Fratricide is the word that describes the murder of a fraternal sibling.

Can someone give you a sentence with delta in it?

My sorority club in college was Delta.

How do you spell the word sorority?

That is the correct spelling of "sorority" (female form of fraternity).

How many syllables does word sorority have?


How do you use the word pledge in a sentence?

Cynthia wanted to pledge the sorority, but not live in the sorority house. We pledge to deliver quality service on time. They took the pledge of secrecy when they joined the fraternity.

What word can you use for sisterhood?

Sorority. It comes from the latin word "soror" which means sister.

What is origin of the word sorority?

"Sorority" comes from the Latin word "soror" which means "sister". It is similar to the word "fraternity" which derives from "frater", Latin for brother. Both refer to clubs or organizations where your fellow members are to be treated as if they were siblings.

What sorority in sorority row?

Theta Pi

What is an antonym of sorority?

Fraternity is the antonym for sorority.