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Example sentence - The dismal weather forecast did nothing to encourage us.

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Q: What sentence can you make for dismal?
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Dismal in a sentence?

The weather is absolutely dismal today.

What is a sentence with dismal?

The man had dismal skill in the art of sentence construction.

A sentence for the word dismal?

The gray skies cast a sense of dismal gloom through me.

Dismal in a compound sentence?


A sentence with the word dismal?

The weather forecast for tomorrow looks dismal with heavy rain expected all day.

What is a sentence for meteor?

They traced the meteor bright as it moved along in the dismal night.

What is a sentence for bolder?

The colors we now see can be darker and dismal but they can also be brighter and bolder.

Is dismal a noun?

No, the word 'dismal' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun (a dismal day, a dismal story).The noun form of the adjective 'dismal' is dismalness.

What is a good 8 Word sentence using bland?

"Sara gazed at the bland, dismal room sadly."

How do you use dismale in a sentence?

The new girl walked dismally down the school halway after an embarrasing encounter with the head cheerleader.

What does dismal?

Dismal means sad

How do you put dismal in a sentence?

The forecast was dismal because there was a tropical storm in the Gulf.