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3,857.21 more or less depending on how much air you breathe in

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Q: Roughly how much does a meal cost in a rainforest cafe?
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How much does it cost to rent a loner doll at the American Girl Cafe?

To loan a doll at the American Girl Cafe, it is free. AG wants to make sure you can enjoy your meal with a doll so they have free dolls to loan.

About how much will a table at a hibatchi restaurant cost?

Hibatchi is expensive, on average a meal for 4 people, roughly around $100.

What is the average cost of a nice meal in London England?

There is no average price. It can range from £5 in a worker's cafe to £200 in a top restaurant. Both meals could be 'nice'.

What is the cost of a McDonalds meal in US?

In the USA, it can cost two, four or five dollars, it depends on what you get.In India, it can cost between 25 and 100 rupees.

How much is a happy meal in India?

roughly 3 dollars

How much does a kids meal cost at culvers?

The kid's meal costs about $5.00.

How much did a meal cost in 1912?

A meal in a restaurant in 1912 might have cost between 25 cents and 50 cents for the entire meal. Most families did not eat in restaurants at that time unless they were traveling.

How much did a meal cost in 1960?


What is the difference between the actual cost of a happy meal and the selling cost?

any were from 55- 80 cents depends on make up of the happy meal..

Combo meals originally sell for 7.94 and are now on sale at 10 percent off What is the cost of the meal after the discount is deducted?

The cost of the meal is now $7.15.

How much would a top-end meal cost in Germany?

More than a bottom-end meal

What is the average business meal cost in the northeast?