History of the United States

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President during stock market crash


What does buying on margin mean

Buying on margin is borrowing money from a broker to purchase stock.

In which year was the highest percentage of Americans employed


Which agency first governed communication systems

Interstate Commerce Commission.

What did Roosevelt fear would happen if the Axis nations won the war

The devastation that would follow if Great Britain fell to German control.

What was the primary focus of the Second New Deal

long-term reform

Which nations were involved in the Nonaggression Pact of 1939

SU and Germany

What was the purpose of The Agricultural Adjustment Act

to create a federal farm board with the authority to purchase surplus crops.

What did Hoover think would result if financial assistance was given directly to the people

they would become lazy and dependent on that income

How did the Germans prepare for the German invasion of France in World War 2

In WW2 the Germans invaded Belgium to prepare an easy route for the invasion of France.

In which election did President Roosevelt receive the least support for his New Deal program


What of these was most closely related to D-Day invasion operation overload anzio landingsolomon islands orbataan peninsula

Operation Overload. (A+)

Which of these men uttered the words peace in your time

neville chamberlain A+

Why did the us government set up the war production board

to increase the production of war materials

True or false The Great Depression although felt worldwide during the 1930s had no effect on the Japanese economy


Was The Civilian Conservation Corps was established partially to improve the environment


Is it true that Roosevelt's new deal program led to greater progress in the construction industry than that of pre-great depression levels


Which of these events occurred before the attack on Pearl Harbor battle of guadalcanal Battle of Midway battle of the coral sea or Atlantic charter issued

The answer is The Atlantic Charter.

  1. The Atlantic Charter was issued in August 1941.
  2. Pearl Harbor was attacked in December 1941.
  3. Battle of Coral Sea was in May 1942
  4. Battle of Midway was in June 1942
  5. Guadalcanal began in August 1942 and ended in early 1943.
What statement best describes the purpose of the Social Security act

Federal Tax on payroll that would be returned to the states to assist unemployed workers

What is a period of temporary business reduction shorter and less extreme than a depression

This is often called a recession.

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