South America

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What is the most common language spoken in south America

Portuguese. The second most common language is Spanish.

Is the amazon rain forest the largest rain forest in the world

Yes, the Amazon rain forest is the largest rain forest in the world

Many slum households in Bangkok have a colour television true or false


What enabled easy trade between the Caribbean and New England

Favorable ocean currents

How are Bangkok and Seattle similar

Both have pollution problems.

Both are culturally important to their respective countries.

Both have very good major universities.

Both have effective mass transit systems.

In what ways can you see the high Gini coefficient numbers for South America in everyday life

Luxury and poverty located very close to each other.

The region of South America contains the continent of South America and also The region is made up of countries

Central America; 20

What happened when the oceans became highways

The world got smaller and cultures mixed, and international trade provided increased economic growth.

How does an increase in trade affect the cultures involved
  1. More peaceful relationship
  2. Exchange of ideas
  3. Exchange of people
  4. Import/export of respective cultures
Plays a crucial role in world trade and has become a regional financial center


For Apex :)

What years did Most of South America broke away from colonial powers


The Incan civilization lasted from what year before it was conquered by who

1200 to 1535; Spanish

Economy dominated by petroleum has the largest oil reserves in the Western Hemisphere


An important shipping location

An important shipping location can vary depending on the person who is shipping the item. The location may be a family or friends home. It could also be a business, school, or work location.

About 90 percent of the population is of white European ancestry


Where in North America do America Indians live today

Some live on reservations, like in the Dakotas, Oklahoma, and North Carolina.

Most live within the general population.

When thd oceans became highways what changed

the world got smaller and cultures mixed (apex)

What of the following is a example of colonial legacy

Most South Americans are Roman Catholic. -Apex

Often very different in culture

Rural areas and cities (apex)

What is the major agricultural producer in the United states


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