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What is Standard and Poors

Standard and Poors is one of the 3 premier Credit Rating Agencies in the world.

What is the money an investor receives above and beyond the money initially invested called

gain or capital gain

What is equilibrium

Equilibrium is

* a stable situation in which forces cancel one another

* chemical equilibrium: a chemical reaction and its reverse proceed at equal rates

* balance: equality of distribution

* a sensory system located in structures of the inner ear that registers the orientation of the head

What signals do high prices send to producers and consumers

I asked this question why does nobody know this please help me ):<

Is a loan company not a financial intermediary

true a loan company is not a financial intermediary

What happens when the supply of a nonperishable good is greater than the consumer wants to buy

Either the price drops until the consumers are prepared to buy more, or supplier are left holding surplus stocks until replacement purchases clear these inventories.

No manufactured good is truly non-perishable, and so will eventually require replacement.

What are limited quantities of resources to meet unlimited wants


How are trade-offs and opportunity costs different

The trade-offs and opportunity costs are different from an economic standpoint in the sense that trade-offs are situations where you give up one thing in favor of another.

Why do economist regard imperfect competition as undesirable

Imperfect competition is viewed by economists as undesirable because it is thought it places unnecessary and unwelcome constraints on the natural economic forces. An example of imperfect competition is a monopoly.

A shortage will develop when

The equilibrium quantity supplied is lower than the actual quantity supplied.

The market price is below the equilibrium price.

Which of these is most likely to lead directly to a black market


A collection of financial assets is known as an investors


What is an exception to the general idea that markets lead to an efficient allocation of resources

Imperfect Compitition

How does a pension fund act as an investor

the company invests money collected from employers

The physical capital used by a woodworker to make furniture would include

saws and drills

What is an unitary elastic supply

A unitary-elastic supply indicates a good with a supply-price elasticity of one, which means that a 1% change in price increases supply by 1%.

What do you have when the actual price in a market is below the equilibrium price

Excess Supply

Which of the following is not an example of one of the four main advantages of prices in a free market economy

Consumers are willing to pay a higher price for a good, so producers manufacture more of the good.

When you own a mutual fund what exactly do you own

Mutual fund is a low risk investment. If you invest in a mutual fund, you owns shares of the mutual fund company who is selling you fund. But you do not actually own any underlying asset of the stocks or securities that mutual fund has invested in even they are using your money to invest.

Is demand needed in equilibrium

Yes. Equilibrium is created at the intersection of the Demand curve and Supply Curve. Equilibrium can be shifted if the Demand curve increases or decreases, and the same happens when the Supply curve increases or decreases. Without demand, you would just have a Supply curve.

Which of the following is the situation that makes the market behave inefficiently

Its when consumers do not have enough info to make good choices .....:) hope this helps!

What markets in which money is lent for periods longer than one year

Capital markets

How do price changes affect equilibrium

Price changes affect the equilibrium price and quantity by Serving as a tool for distributing goods and services.

How does market and government differ in allocation of resources

the difference in market and government occurs in the allocation of resources and labor division which determines the prices

What kind of decision cannot be made at the margin

whether to spend your two-week vacation on the shore or in town

If a consumer is waiting to buy a sweater he or she found at a department store until after the holiday season which factor is most likely influencing the decision to wait

If a consumer is waiting to buy a sweater he or she found at a department store until after the holiday season, which factor is most likely influencing the decision to wait?

The key factor that determines whether the supply of a good will be elastic or inelastic is .


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