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What terms describes a company's first sale of stock to the public

Initial public offering

Which kind of stock market analysis focuses on overall trends in the market

Technical analysis is the kind of stock market analysis that focuses on overall trends in the market.

Which of the following statements best describes how investors behave when engaged in socially responsible investing

They invest in companies with a business model and social mission that they support

Why does the government sometimes use no-bid contracts

to protect national security

What best explains how bondholders and banks serve a similar function

They are both holders of someone else's debt.

What accurately describes how raising the required reserve ratio reduces the money supply

When the required reserve ratio is raised, banks must loan out a smaller portion of their reserves, resulting in fewer loans.

Which of the following describes the most likely effect of the sale of a new batch of Treasury bonds

A decrease in the money supply

Which of the following is one disadvantage for a company that goes public

The pressure to make profits is increased.

Which of the following factors would be most likely to lead to an successful IPO

A company offering an IPO during a bull market is likely to lead to a successful IPO.

What is rural-commodity market

Farmer's market where fresh products are sold hearby.

What is an example of a businessman making an investment

he contributes money to a partnership

Leverage enables currency traders to which of the following

Make large currency trades using small amounts of money


What best describes why banks aren't allowed to loan out all of their deposits at once

. If banks loaned out all of their deposits, it would be impossible to meet customers' demands for withdrawals

Which of the following most accurately explains why money differs from commodity money

Fiat money only has value as a medium of exchange. Apex

Which of the following is not a type of a company that a socially responsible investor would support

A company that puts profit-maximization above all other considerationser here...

Which best explains why the money supply is decreased when the government issues bonds

The purchase of bonds reduces the bond buyers' bank accounts.

Which of the following describes a condition that is favorable for conducting an IPO

A bull market.

What accurately explains what an exchange rate of 120 between the Canadian dollar in Japanese yen means

It only takes one Canadian dollar to buy 20 Japanese yen

What of the following best explains why treasury bonds have an effect on the size of the money supply

The Federal Reserve Bank can buy and sell these bonds to raise or lower bank deposits. APEX

Match each organization with its correct relationship to the government

A. Social security _ government agency

B. U.S. Postal Service _ government corporation

C. Boeing _ government contractor

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