Thanksgiving Trivia

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What day is Thanksgiving in the United States

The fourth Thursday in November

Approximately how many turkeys are eaten each year on Thanksgiving in the United States

46 million

Which southern US state was the first to adopt Thanksgiving in 1855


Which president is believed to be the first to pardon a turkey and start this annual tradition

President Harry Truman in 1947

Which US president decided that Thanksgiving would be the last Thursday of November

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

What is a baby turkey called


Approximately how many Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving


A full grown turkey has about how many feathers

5,000 to 6,000

What is a wattle

The loose skin under a male turkey's neck.

True or false: Canada also has Thanksgiving.


Can all turkeys fly

No, only wild turkeys can fly. Domestic turkeys grown for eating are too heavy.

Cranberries are bounced to see if they are ripe. How high should they bounce to be considered ripe

About 4 inches high.

True or false: Turkeys have poor peripheral vision.

False: turkeys have a visual field of around 270 degrees.

What year did the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade begin


When did Congress declare the first national Thanksgiving in the United States


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, how many pounds did the heaviest turkey weigh

86 pounds

What Christmas song is though to be originally written as a Thanksgiving song

Jingle Bells

Which has more protein, turkey, beef or chicken


How fast can a turkey run

25 mph

How fast can a wild turkey fly

55 mph

True or False: the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year.


What year was the first Thanksgiving Football game


What was the 1st giant balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade

Felix the Cat

What part of the turkey is saved and snapped as a superstitious good luck custom

The wishbone

When do Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving


What is a horn filled with fruits and vegetables called

A Cornucopia

What is a group of turkeys called


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