World War 2

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What did prisoners wear in concentration camps

Black and white striped jumpsuits at some camps. At others, you had but the shirt on your back.

Certain ethnic/religious groups were also forced to wear identifying badges (Jews had the yellow star, Jehovah's Witnesses had the purple triangle, homosexuals wore the pink triangle).

How did the goals of us foreign policy in Europe to the goals of soviet foreign policy after World War 2

the soviet union wantd control of eastern Europe. the united states wanted independent nations in eastern Europe

What was the impact of the Normandy Landings on the Allied war effort during World War 2

Answer this question… The massive amount of Allied forces landing in Normandy caused the German army to retreat and the Allies to reclaim France.

How can the Great Depression be traced in part to American investment in the stock market

Investors borrowed money to buy rising stocks, but could not pay it back once the stock prices fell.

Which of the following World War 2 figures aligned with Benito Mussolini to send troops to support Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War

Answer this question…Adolf Hitler

Which of the following statements accurately contrasts the roles of women during World War 2 in the US and in the Soviet Union

Answer this question…Women in the Soviet Union served directly in combat, while women in the United States served primarily in support positions.

How did D-Day change the course of the war in Europe

Answer this question… D-Day was the first step in the Allied liberation of France.

It gave the Allies a foot hold on Europe to destroy German forces...

Which of the following describes a major impact of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

It served as a symbol of anti-Nazi resistance that inspired Jews in prison camps.

Which of the following events stripped Jews of their German citizenship

Answer this question… The Nuremberg Laws

What is a situation that illustrates the concept of dehumanization

A government puts up posters comparing a racial minority group to dangerous wild animals who should not be allowed around children.

How did the event known as Kristallnacht affect Jews living in Germany

It led to the mass removal of Jews to Nazi concentration camps.

Which of the following terms describes the mistreatment of Jews that occurred in Europe in the centuries leading up to the Holocaust


How did Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points compare with the eventual outcome of the Paris Peace Conference

It approved his plan to form a global organization to prevent war.

Which event resulted in the mass removal of Jews to nazi concentration camps

Implementation of Kristallnacht

Which of the following describes a difference between concentration camps and extermination camps in nazi Germany's

Concentration camps were used for forced prison labor, while

extermination camps were built to kill all prisoners.

Which of the following best describes Germany's military strategy at the start of world war ii

It launched extremely fast-paced invasions of its neighbors.

What illustrates one effect of the Yalta and potsdam conferences

The Alies agreed that International courts would prosecute Nazis for war crimes.

Which of they following countries aligned with the United States after world war 2


Which of the following best defines the term ''anti-semitism''

the systematic mistreatment of jewish people

Joseph Stalin established gulags in order to

Answer this question…

use political dissidents for forced labor.

Examine the map and answer the following question Which inference does the locations of Nazi extermination camps support

Nazi leaders wanted to keep the existence of extermination camps secret.

What cities did Japanese troops destroy buildings and kill and torture hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens

One of the worst was the city of Nanking.

Which of these countries had to recover from the destruction of the atomic bomb after World War II


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