Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

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What is disposable income

can an income judgement attach themselves and demand payment from: SSD, military disability and blindmans annuity(for the blind who lives in NYS)

AnswerDisposable income is the amount that remains after all deductions (taxes, Medicare, pension contributions, etc.) have been made.
Are Morgan Stanley money market checking accounts FDIC insured


How long will negative information concerning unpaid tax liens be kept in your credit report

15 years

FCRA says the SOL is 7 years and up to 1o in some states

Which of these is the best description of delinquency

It is the condition whereby the scheduled repayment of a loan has not been received by a specified due date.

What is done with the finance charge assessed by a credit card company

added to the balance

This is Paula's monthly budget What percent of her expenses is spent on insurance

20Given Paula's monthly budget, the percentage of expenses spent on insurance can be determined by subtracting all the other expenses from the monthly budget, which leaves you with the anoint spent on insurance.

Does your checkbook balance when you have outstanding checks that total 224.79 an ending balance of 59.56 outstanding deposits of 325.46 and a checkbook balance of 165.15


Does the checkbook balance if you have outstanding checks that totaled 223.85 an ending balance of 159.57 and outstanding deposits of 147.96


If Patty is taking out a simple interest loan to buy her new 10689 car How much would she pay in interest it the rate is 4.5 percent and she pays the loan off in 4 years

She will pay $1,924.02 in interest.

How does spillage occur

classified information is entered unto unclassified information

Can you save money using an auto loan calculator before buying a car

Auto loan calculators are used for determining how much you need to pay for your loans on any automobile that you own. Yes this will help you save money and know how much you will need to save/pay.

What work does the food and drug administration do

make food and drugs.

What describes the bond between nitrogen and hydrogen

what describes the bond between nitrogen and hrdrogen

Where does the butterfly queen Alexandra live

in new deily, India

Which of these should represent the smallest portion of your budget


Which of these must be budgeted based on an approximation of the previous months expenses

variable expenses

Which of these does not describe a total consumption budget

it is designed to reach short-term goals

Lisa must adjust her budget to save for a new washer and dryer what is this an example of

Short-term goal

If Cameron has a 21 annual interest rate on his credit card what is his monthly interest rateAsk us anything

1.75%. A+

Which statement is true

Nixon resigned before he could be impeached. -Apex

Which of the following is the best description of a consumer good

It is something tangible that can be touched or carried

Which of these is an example of a variable expense


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