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Did the Ming Dynasty invent anything

Yes. They made pottery and vases for flowers.

The purpose of art conservation is to

Protect and restore works of art .

What did Indians use popcorn for

they used popcorn for games, corsages, and they also used it to decorate ceremonial headdresses

Representations of buddha done in the Mathura style were generally

unadorned .

What types of images were favored by Paracas textile weavers

animals and patterns

Analytic Cubism is an attempt to

represent three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional space.

In order to put together a specific exhibition museum curators often have to

borrow works of art from other museums.

The totem poles produced by Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest were generally meant to

tell a story.

What are the subjects of oceanic art about

The subjects of Oceanic art are fertility, human leaders, and the supernatural.

Which statement best describes artists and musicians after World War 1

Many tried to depict a new, deeper reality by experimenting with fresh forms.

What makes the painting by august renoir an impressionist painting

All of the above

Cubism was born out of collaboration. With whom did Pablo Picasso develop Cubism

George Braque

Which of these national museums is located in Paris

The Louvre

What pair of words best describes the Dada art

political and controversial

What artwork did the abelam people of papua new guinea create for festivails honoring ancestral power

Yam masks

What are some characteristics of Hindu art

Hindu art portrayed social and cultural achievements of the time. majority of the hindu art shows worship to god and greatness of king or rulers.

One purpose of Expressionist works was to

shift the focus from realism to emotion

Match each artistic movement with a painter who was part of the movement

-David Neoclassicism

-Goya Romanticism

-Courbet Realism

-Monet Impressionism

-Gauguin Post-Impressionism

Ask us anythingLook at the painting below. What makes this an example of Expressionism

The use of vivid colors to portray strong emotions. Apex

LoOk at these images from the Lascaux caves. These works are most similar to Native American .

rock art

What Look at this image of Auspicious Cranes a hand scroll produced during the Song dynasty (960 and ndash 1279). This image was intended to memorialize a real-life event that occurred durin

Huizon -APEX

Look at this image .this line drawing ,which can only be seen from high above was produced by which people

The Nazca (apex)

What was Aztec art often used to decorate

temples where human sacrifices were performed

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