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What is kinetic energy

Kinetic energy is the energy that an object has due to its motion or movement. For instance if a car drives into a wall the energy of its movement is what destroys the wall, That energy is kinetic energy.

Note: Heat is also a form of Kinetic energy because heat is the movement (vibration energy) of atoms or molecules.

What is gravitational potential energy

Gravitational potential energy is the potential energy an object has due to its position in a gravitational field. The higher an object is the greater its gravitational potential. When it falls the gravitational potential becomes kinetic energy.

Energy stored in height differences ~APEX

What is an isolated system

An isolated system is a collection of mass that does not interact with anything else in the universe.

What was Ernest Rutherford trying to prove in his experiment

what was Ernest Rutherford trying to prove with his experiment

Which of the following best represents an isolated system

outer space

What does a simple pulley do

It redirects the force

It takes 300 N to move a box 10 meters in 10 seconds How much power is required

300 W

Items involve a wedge

There are many items in everyday life that involve a wedge. A spatula for cooking is a wedge, a door stopper is a wedge used to stop the door, and a knife use to chop vegetables is a wedge.

Spaceship 1 and Spaceship 2 have equal masses of 300 kg Spaceship 1 has a speed of 0 ms and Spaceship 2 has a speed of 6 ms What is the magnitude of their combinied momentum

1,800 <3

According to the law of conservation of BLANK in an isolated system the initial total momentum before a collision equals the final total momentum.

Momentum apexxx

In a collision a vehicle that rebounds off the object it trikes experiences less force than if it crumples assuming the time is the same in both situations


What is the best definition of biology

The Science Of Life

Which of the following is the best example of an open system

an anthill

What does the law of conservation of energy imply

energy can neither be created nor we destroy

That energy can only be converted between different forms ~Apex

What experiment did Robert Millikan do

He used voltage adjustments to make charged oil drops float

What did Rutherford discover that Thomson did not understand

That most of an atom's mass was packed in a central nucleus

What happens to electrons in the photoelectric effect

When you shine a certain level of light wavelength on metal, you can knock electrons off the atoms of the metal. This phenomenon was explained by Albert Einstein in 1905, for which he received a Nobel Prize in 1921.

What was one main point of Daltons atomic theory

That atoms made up the smallest form of matter.


What is the Bohr atomic model

Bohr developed an atomic model with shells.

What does an inclined plane make work easier by decreasing while at the same time increasing the distance

An inclined plane decreases the force while increasing the distance.

What is the capacity to do work known as apex



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