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What is the main purpose of the loans made by the World Bank

To help countries achieve sustainable development

Why is globalization potentially damaging to the environment

Protecting the environment increases production costs and reduces competitiveness.

Which of these is an example of a fixed expense



car payment

electric bill

What kind of a credit card can customers with a bad credit history get

One that's secured by collateral

What do boycotters end up doing since participating in a boycott often involves a sacrifice

Paying higher prices

A boycott would not be successful under what circumstance

If most consumers didn't stay away from the company that was being protested against, a boycott would not be successful.

What is likely to happen if the size of the labor pool suddenly increases

If the size of the labor pool increases, wages will go down.

What is the purpose of the required reserve ratio

. To make sure banks have enough money on hand to meet customers' withdrawal requests

This is incorrect. Fractional Reserve Banking is the Instrument by which Banks lend money against your signature and only need 10% of the funds on hand to do so. They create 90% of the funds out of thin air. It is virtually legalized counterfeiting. Then they have the nerve to charge you interest on this money they created from nothing. Anybody who accepts this as a good idea is insane. If you don't believe me there are many you tube videos on the subject. An excellent place to start is "The Four Horsemen" featuring testimony from people such as the ex chief economist from the World Bank.

What is the annual percentage rate on a credit card

The Answer is "The amount of interest charged on unpaid balances" On Apex

Why might a company respond to a letter writing campaign launched by a group of concerned consumers

The letters contain a veiled threat that economic pressure could follow

What has been the main drawback of globalization for the United states

Competition with lower wages and jobs leaving the country are some of the major drawbacks of globalization.

How did the colonizers benefits from the colonies they controlled

the colonizers used the resources of their colonies to grow their own economics.

What statements accurately describes the relationship between commodity money and fiat money

Commodity money has value in itself while fiat money has value only because it is given value

What does absolute advantage have to do with making economic choices

Think that you're country A, wanting to buy pen and paper.

Country B produces 1 million pen and 1 BILLION paper

Country C produces 1 BILLION pen and 1 million paper

Or, country B has the absolute advantage over production of paper while

country C has the absolute advantage over production of pen.

Coming back our theory of economy of scale, we know that to a certain point, increased production would lead to lower average cost and thus, lower price.

This would mean that paper from country B is cheaper than country C whereas pen from country C is cheaper than country B.

Therefore, you would choose to trade paper with country B while trading pen with country C.

And this is why it is important to making economic choices.

What are the correct steps to show how a budget is made





What might result in the government passing a law preventing companies from engaging in unfair or offensive business practices

By lobbying.

What is the amount paid to purchase a bond that will be repaid at maturity

face value

What would cause job loss in the united states

people playing call of duty

Business permited for a banking company The banking regulation act

The banking regulation act is the business permit for a banking company.

One drawback to consumers protection regulations is that they lead to what

higher prices

What sacrifice are boycotters likely to make

going to jail

Match each of the terms below with an example that fits the term.


I dont know

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