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What line structure is used in the last two lines of a sonnet


What is the theme of this poem

Sir Patrick Spens."

The experiences of how many people are conveyed in a lyric poem

one person

What meter is used to write a sonnet

iambic peentameter

What does Lincoln mean by saying the brave men living and dead who struggled here have consecrated this ground

the struggle of the soldiers made the battleground sacred

A ballad may represent the feelings of an entire family or village

A ballad is a lyrical heroic narration of a legendary hero of a community sung in praise of the family (clan) or the village he represented who have a strong emotional loyalty.

What does the poet mean by Love's not time's fool

means love will never com

Which is NOT a reason Chief Joseph gives for deciding to fight no more forever

General Howard surrendered.

What is the theme of the eagle poem

The poets awe of the eagle for cyber school users

What is the independent clause of Edgar Allan Poe was an American author who wrote Gothic and macabre short stories

The independent clause is "Edgar Allan Poe was an American author"

Where does the Atlanta Georgia football team play at

The Atlanta Falcons play at the Georgia Dome, located in downtown Atlanta.

Choose the best summary of the elder brother's reasons for not going into the forest

The elder brother had five reasons

What is the best explanation of the first four lines of this poem let you not to the marriage of true minds

real love endures conflicts

A composition about the day you learned to swim


What consonant sound is heard repeatedly in the first stanza of this poem the eagle


What is the subordinate clause to the guinea hens tat my neighbor raises are better than watchdogs

The guinea hens ,that my neighbor raises, are better that watchdogs.

What word would not appear on the page with these guide words immaculate and immutable


Is Encyclopedia and Wikipedia the same

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, just like Encyclopedia Brittanica is an encyclopedia.

What writing style would be used in a newspaper article written by someone running for student council president about why she would make a good president


What kind of poem is Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds

It's a sonnet.

Other than to surrender what do you think the purpose of the speech was

to appeal for justice for his people A+

Answered by Mia~

In terms of literature what is the purpose of this speech Will Fight No More Forever

All of the above

What is the most similar pair to the original pair ABOLISH RESTORE

depart : leave