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What helped to end apartheid in South Africa

AN oil embargo helped end apartheid in South Africa. Another thing that helped end apartheid was that in 1991 the South African government repealed apartheid laws.

Did Africans fight in ww1 and World War 2

Africans did not fight in World War 1

What were the differences between the independence movement in Algeria and Kenya

Got no damned clue

How many states are in the continent of Africa

There are 52 independent countries in Africa.

Are psychological disorder and psychotic disorder the same

No, they are not. As you can probably guess, psychotic disorders are much more severe that psychological disorders. Psychotic disorders usually involve delusions, hallucinations, etc. While, psychological disorders are disorders such as OCD and OCPD that involve different compulsions and rituals but nothing delusional.

Can people with psychological disorders join the army

It depends on the disorder

Which leader was a member of the Kikuyu tribe

Answer this question… Jomo Kenyatta

Which statement about Kwame Nkrumah and Jomo Kenyatta is not true

Answer this question… Both were eventually overthrown by a military coup

How did European colonial powers attempt to make Africans dependent on imported goods

By forbidding them to make some goods themselves and lowering the prices of imported food.

Which statement describes an effect of apartheid on the South African population

Answer this question…

Black South Africans were forced to carry documents to identify themselves to authorities.

Which political figure received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984

Answer this question… Desmond Tutu

Which option lists events during the end of apartheid in the correct order

Answer this question…

(1) F. W. de Klerk becomes president; (2) White South Africans vote for reform; (3) South Africa transitions to a new constitution; (4) The ANC takes control of congress

What best describes how this excerpt relates to Mandela's beliefs during the Defiance Campaign in 1952

Answer this question… It contrasts with Mandela's support for nonviolent resistance during the Defiance Campaign.

When the British began settling in South Africa where did many Afrikaners move

Answer this question… To the Boer Republics

How did the South African government react to protests organized by the African National Congress in the early 1950s

It passed new restrictions on protest activities and activist groups.

According to the South African government what were the locations of the Bantustans based on

The territories where south African tribal groups had originally lived

How did the proposal of the apartheid system affect the National Party in 1948

it led the party to win the election and institute segregation in the country

The difference between a psychological disorder and what is normal

May very from person to person

Insanity is the term used

sanity and insanity are definitions used in the legal system

What statement describes how Nelson Mandela's views on protesting apartheid changed over time

He initially believed in nonviolent resistance but eventually decided that violent protest was necessary to end racial oppression.

In what way did Kwame Nkrumah's early political beliefs not match the policies he put in place as prime minister of Ghana

Answer this question…

Nkrumah called for political freedom in Ghana, but as prime minister he created a one-party system with himself as a permanent leader,

What statement best describes Algeria in the years since its independence

A civil war in the 1990s killed 100,000 people there, and violence continues to be a problem.

How did European countries interact with their African colonies after World War 1

They relied more heavily on African colonies to provide resources to help Europe rebuild.

Where does the speaker most likely live

be careful, I think people are getting different quotes... post-world war ll Algeria worked for mine tho

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