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What is a descriptive adjective

A descriptive adjective tells something about the appearance or nature of the noun it modifies.

(e.g. orange handle, fresh water, crispcarrots)

What is the purpose of a topic sentence

The topic sentence informs the reader what the paragraph is about.

What are parenthetical expressions

A Parenthetical Expression Is A Sentence Set Off By A Comma After A Subject.

A thesis statement must do what

require support

What elements form a clause

a subject and a predicate

What does developing an essay involve

Which of the following is true about concluding paragraph?

What explains why you should read the end-of-chapter questions before reading the chapter

These questions indicate what you should look for as you read.

Which of these techniques is not associated with vocabulary cubing

Finding homonyms

What type of question requires you to write your own answer


If you were outlining an essay using the sentences bellow which one would you use as your thesis statement

Although many people like big dogs, small dogs are a better option for first-time owners.

What is a single clause that stands by itself

A simple sentence

What is the next step in the writing process after brainstorming


In a grammatical sense when is a comma splice used

A comma splice is such a comma, when it collects two independent clauses are connected by only a comma. The following example illustrates a comma splice: the job is hard, get some rest.

What worldview would best fit someone who strongly believes in the zodiac calendar and signs

The worldview is that the patterns of the planets affect our lives on earth.

Which of the following should leaders NOT do during brainstorming

Demand specific benefits

Which of the-following are part of the prewriting stage of the writing process

Generating and organizing

A colon should not be used in which of the-following locations

At the beginning of a question

In which of the-following situations would it be appropriate to use a semicolon

To replace conjunctions and, or, but and to connect the main clauses in a compound sentence

Which of the sentences would not fit with the other in a paragraph

When a climber falls, it can take hours for the rescue party to locate him or her.

which of the following is a predicate

Went to the movies

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