Food Chains and Food Webs

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What is the purpose of Satire

To criticize an institution, person, or group, indirectly

The fall of anything or anyone is a cause for humour, something to laugh at, something to laugh about. Satires make use of this principle. But a satire it is not a mere humorous poem, but pure social criticism made immortal by attiring it in the form of poetry. Satires bring human mind to the loweliest of things or attitudes described in them, but their ultimate purpose like all other poetic forms is to elevate human mind. Cleverly cunning descriptions of those base and lowly things and attitudes give us glimpses of what is loftiness in such matters. That is the way the satires attain their purpose.

It is a denunciation of vices, folly or abuses of any kind by the means of sarcasm, derision or ridicule

A reader who's invested and emotionally involved in the story

is more likely to experience tension and suspense than a reader who's not invested or emotionally involved.

How can the medium of television affect the message of a news story in a way that radio cannot

It gives the story added context through images.

What events in Top of the Food Chain happens first

DDT is sprayed ova the country cuhh

Which example from Top of the Food Chain is an appeal to pathos

Picture if you can, gentlemen, a naked little two-year-old boy so black with flies and mosquitoes it looks like he's wearing long johns . . .

The people are all huddled there in their running shorts, looking pretty miserable, and one after another the roofs keep falling in . . .

. . . the villagers in a panic over the threat of the plague and the stream of nonstop hysterical reports from the interior - people were turning black, swelling up and bursting . . .

Which form's purpose is to illustrate a moral or general truth about human nature


Which audience appeal does Hirohito most clearly use in this excerpt

Ethos and Logos

How does the narrator in Top of the Food Chain first try to control the insect population of Borneo

He sprays DDT.

Which type of appeal primarily uses facts statistics and common sense


Which example most clearly uses pathos to make an appeal

An account of a tornado sweeping through a small town

What best describes the effect of having an unreliable narrator in Top of the Food Chain

It leads the reader to question his views on the subject.

Which aspect of the story is an example of logos in Top of the Food Chain

The narrator gives information about the sequence of events that happened in the story.

Which type of appeal is the author primarily using in this excerpt from Top of the Food Chain


What is an example of a way that television can change a news story's message by means of its medium

The audience can see images that provide the story's context.

The images presented can also reflect a distorted view of a news story and affect public opinion in whatever way the presenter of the story desires.

How does Granholm end her speech Remembering Rosa Parks

With a salute

How does the narrator in Top of the Food Chain help advance the story's theme of thoughtless decisions leading to unintended consequences

He is unreliable leading readers to question what he is saying. ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿฆ

How does swift use satire to achieve his purpose

He suggests an extreme solution to draw attention to a real problem

What form of writing does the example show

A poor couple offer food and shelter to a homeless beggar. When they find out that he is really the king in disguise, they are rewarded for their charity with wealth and riches beyond their wildest dreams

What word contributes to the gothic tone


In what way is t c Boyles top of the food chain an example of satire

It makes a point without directly stating it.

What do the radio broadcast transcript and video of the Hindenburg disaster best show about the effect of media

diffrent types of media offer diffrent experiences. apex

What type of appeal is used in this sentence

Statistics show that Ms. Navarro's students consistently score highest in the district on the state-mandated tests.

What is Kennedy main argument in his address at rice university is that the US should

Devote more resources to space exploration

Why is the top of the food chain considered a satire

because it give lessons

What two rhetorical strategies of the most clearly use here

He uses a metaphor to appeal to pathos. Apex

What causes the cats to die in top of the food chain By TC Boyle

It was the gekoes that killed them because of the DDT

Which type of appeal is the author primarily using in the excerpt from top of the food chain


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