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Yes, all girls have periods. If you skip your period you are probably pregnant. Periods tell you that you are not pregnant.

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Q: Can a girl still have her period even if she is a virgin?
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When a virgin has her period does it hurt more then a girl who not a virgin?

Thats a stupid question. it hurts the same, being a virgin does not affect the pain.

Can a girl still bleed or have her period if shes pregnant?

Yes it is possible for a woman to still bleed fromher period even if pregnant. This may happen one to two times after fertilization.

Can a girl still-masturbate-on-her-period?

Yes she can still masturbate while on her period.

What is a green cherry virgin?

A girl who is too young for you to even be LOOKING at!

Is there any long-term affects or concerns to take into consideration if a girl misses her period and is a virgin?

There are no long-term affects or concerns because a period can be late for different reasons such as stress, eating a different diet or even exercising.

If a girl has missed her period for the month of July and still has not had it yet and she is a virgin Could she be pregnant When making out w boyfriend the least amount of clothes was bathingsuits?

It's extremely unlikely. If you're still young then your hormones are still imbalance which means that you could still miss a period. It takes about two to three years for you menstrual cycle to regulate. So if you haven't had it for that long then you could miss your period.

If a ten year old boy sleeps with a nine year old girl is the girl still a virgin?

no yes she is If she had intercourse with the ten year old boy, she is no longer a virgin. It doesn't matter how old the boy is, she still had intercourse. It doesn't matter how old the girl is either.

Can a girl get pregnant if her boyfriend ejaculated on her leg besides she is still virgin?

no she can't get pregnant.

How can a girl still have pains after her period?


Can a girl be pregnant and still have her period?


Can a girl on her period still get pregnant?

Yes you can.

Can a girl still get pregnant on their period?