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Q: Can thyroid problems cause your skin to burn and you to have chills?
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What are the two common problems overclocking a PC can cause?

it can cause system instability(bsd or boot problems ) and if its done wrong it can burn ur processor

Do fraxel laser treatments burn the skin on face?

Yes. Fractional lasers can burn the face, leaving scars on the surface and even causing fat atrophy to the subcutaneous fat layer. They can burn the retina of the eye and cause damage to the thyroid.

What products are made when hydrocarbons burn and the problems they cause?

Burning of hydrorbons release carbon dioxide and water.

What does a clogged fuel filter cause for problems?

Hard starting, stalling, and eventually it will burn your fuel pump out.

Can glucosamine cause side effects?

High dosages of glucosamine may cause gastric problems, nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, and heart-burn.

Why do you get chest burn and can't breathe?

You could have heart problems that cause you to have chest burn and make it difficult to breathe. You could have also eaten something that doesn't agree with you.

Is it possible for a hyper thyroid to be irradiated and not burn out?

Yes, it is possible for a patient to undergo radioactive iodine ablation and still have a functioning thyroid. If the patient has autoimmune thyroid disease and antibodies have not been addressed, it is possible for a patient in this situation to suffer the rollercoastering effects of antibodies on the remainder of the thyroid gland.

Is Brazilian pepper ok to burn?

No, it is not OK to burn. Brazilian Pepper is in the same family as poison ivy. Touching the sap can cause allergic reactions in some people. Burning the plant and breathing in the smoke can cause respiratory problems. Do not use for fires, cooking or otherwise.

Can Hashimoto's cause weight loss symptoms?

No, it's usually the oppposite. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is a disease of the thyroid which causes it to become underactive. An underactive thyroid can quite commonly lead to weight gain. However, an overactive thyroid often leads to weight loss.

Using butter to cool a burn will cause what?

it will cause the burn to go deeper into the skin

What can a chemical burn lead to?

Any burn can cause a degradation of the surface layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue with subsequent scarring. Immediate problems may include pain, fluid loss and infection. Depending on the type of chemical causing the burn, there may be associated toxic effects.

Is pork okay in freezer for two years with no freezer burn or discoloration?

no, the pork starts to grow mold and alegie, if you do eat it it will cause savear helth problems