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Some side affects that i personaly have noticed was the overwelming feeling of shakiness. When i take my usual two puffs my hands shake and i feel realy jittery, but it only last for a short time.

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No. Asthma is predominantly hereditary and cannot be passed-on by using an asthma pump, kissing or by any other known contagions or personal contact that has been identified to date.

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Q: Can you get asthma by using an asthma pump?
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Who invented the asthma pump?


Is asthma pumps just for asthma?

It depends on the medication. The pump itself will take other pressurised medication canisters if they will physically fit. However - the medication in an asthma pump is solely for the treatment of asthma - not other conditions.

What are somethings the doctor will do to help you live with asthma?

the doctor can give u an asthma pump, an asthma machine and pills

What is name of the pump which is used by asthma patients in the time of suffocation?

1. asthma 2. suffocation and 3. by pump you mean inhaler or nebulizer.

Can use of an asthma pump cause epilepsy?

No. But an overdose of asthma medication can cause a siezure.

What does an asthma pump have inside?

I assume you mean an inhaler. There are several different kinds with different asthma medications.

How is asthma common in sports?

Some people have exercise-induced asthma, which is asthma that happens when you are exercising. Asthma is when you start nwheezing and coughing, and you can't breathe. Most people who have asthma will get an asthma pump, a tool used to help you breathe better. If you exercise vigorously, you may run out of breath, and asthmatic people have the tendency to start wheezing and have an asthma attack.

Is it okay to share a asthma pump?

You shouldn't share any prescription medication.

Are there any easy treatments for asthma?

Treating asthma is no easy task, and because of that everyone is looking for natural asthma treatments. There are various different ways to treat asthma, it can be done naturally, by using medications, or even by using herbal treatments can be used to treat asthma.

How long could a patient go without an asthmatic pump?

it depends on how bad your asthma is

What is a sentence using the word asthma?

My brother has asthma and carries an inhaler with him at all times in case of an asthma attack.

What's the definition of Asthma?

the definition of Asthma is a medical condition marked by difficulty in breathing.ASTHMA:Pathology . a paroxysmal, often allergic disorder of respiration, characterized by bronchospasm, wheezing, and difficulty in expiration, often accompanied by coughing and a feeling of constriction in the chest.I have asthma and it is no joke. If you have asthma, always check you have your asthma pump with you. You dont want to leave the house without it...