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Actually if your a girl it would but for guys its not normal to

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Q: Do your hips hurt when you go through puberty?
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What changes occurs as one becomes a teenager?

Children go through puberty. Boys voices get lower and girls get wider hips and have periods.

Do you have to have chickenpox to go through puberty?

No, you will go through puberty whether or not you had chickenpox.

Do midgets go through puberty?

Everyone goes through puberty, unless your hormones are whack.

Can pets go through puberty?

Yes. But vets can do surgery and have the pet not go through puberty(female pets)

How many times do girls have puberty?

Males go into Puberty one time in their life.

When is chris chung going to go through puberty?

No one can tell when someone will go into puberty.

How can you tell if you are hitting puberty and you are a girl?

Puberty can begun to be noticed in a girl through a few different ways. Some common ones are oily skin, breaking out more, more hair growth (underarms, legs, ect.), widening of the hips, more fat in the thighs and butt, and having her period.

How do you go through puberty?

Puberty occurs naturally from age 11 to about 15.

Can people who are younger than me go through puberty first?

Yes. People go through puberty at different times and different ages.

Will someone always go through puberty?

Yes, everyone goes through puberty . Some go through it at an early age some at later age. Some have accelerated puberty some have a more slow one.

Does your height affect when you go through puberty?


What can you do to get a period?

Go through puberty. Do not have sex.