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yes, it is called bloating and happens to every girl during puberty

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Q: Does everyone go through that chubby stage during puberty?
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Can puberty cause hot flashes?

You sweat more during puberty if that is what you mean. It's different for everyone how much.

Can you still have kids if you don't get puberty?

One of the indications of puberty is for a girl to get her period. Once she gets her period a young woman is fertile and can get pregnant. whether she is completed puberty or not. All it takes once that first period comes is a sperm donor

In what year during puberty do teens grow the most?

They have growth spurts all through puberty. There is no particular time.

What do women go though during puberty?

They go through their period and through pregnancy

How do muscles grow during puberty?

Through consumption of calcium and protein

What emotions will a boy go through during puberty?

hi mate

At what age does a women's sexual desire start?

It's different for everyone. During puberty, for most girls.

Does the production of sex cells occur during puberty?

yes, this happens both when men and women go through puberty

Why should a boy or a girl not feel bad about changes that happen to him to her during puberty?

It is a natural occurence that happens to everyone. There are many changes that will happen during puberty. It is the path that leads from childhood to adulthood. Be patient and all will become fine in the end by the time puberty has ended.

When you start puberty do you get heavier?

Yes you should. During puberty you go through growth spurts and gaining weight is part of growing.

When do boy have sparms?

I assume you mean sperm. During the time of puberty which varies for everyone. Normally 10 - 16

How old are you when you pre-ejaculate?

Sometime during puberty. Not every guy produces it. There is no set time, everyone is different.