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Yes... :'(

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Q: Does mike shinoda have asthma
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Does mike shinoda ever get asthma attackt?

i don't really know :/ but i don't think so ;/ i hope he don't ;/

How tall is Mike Shinoda?

Mike Shinoda is 6'.

How do you pronounce mike shinoda?

Mike Shinoda ( shi-no-da)

What is the birth name of Mike Shinoda?

Mike Shinoda's birth name is Shinoda, Michael Kenji.

Whats mike's shinoda real name?

Michael Kenji Shinoda is Mike Shinoda's real full name.

What is Mike Shinoda's birthday?

Mike Shinoda was born on February 11, 1977.

When was Mike Shinoda born?

Mike Shinoda was born on February 11, 1977.

What is Mike Shinoda's kid's name?

Otis Shinoda.

Is Mike Shinoda single?

NO!!!! Married to Anna Shinoda.

Where does mike shinoda work?

Mike Shinoda is a band member of Linkin Park. He works in California.

Is Eminem better than Mike Shinoda?

Yes, Eminem is better than Mike Shinoda.

What nicknames does Mike Shinoda go by?

Mike Shinoda goes by Mikey, Spike Minoda, Shinnizle, Mike the spike, and Shinizzle.