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You can´t if it was made before the illness was officialy determent by a doctor.

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Q: How do you change a will and testament of a dementia person?
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How does models of dementia care view the person with dementia?

how does models of dementia care view the person with dementia

why dementia hasn't affected me as a person?

why dementia hasn't affected me as a person

What is frontal lobe dementia?

A sudden change in personality and behavior in a dementia patient is called frontal lobe dementia. Frontal lobe dementia is a group of disorders that are caused by cell degeneration.

How do you identify the communication strengths and abilities of an individual with dementia?

identify the communication strenght ability with dementia

Can a brother remove a girlfriend from his brother's last will and testament?

The brother does not have the ability to change someone else's will. Only the person writing the will can change it.

What is meant by a person centred to dementia care?

I think person centered care is not something specific to dementia, it is the concept of putting the person being cared for at the heart of the care process.

What if a will was signed by person who suffered dementia at time of signing?

It woudl have to be proven in a court of law that the person actually WAS suffering from dementia. If possible, then the agreement MIGHT be challenged.

How care alzheimers and dementia?

Caring for an elderly person with dementia has many additional challenges. A medical alert system can be one device that can bring peace of mind to those with loved ones who suffer from dementia. Assisted-living and senior housing centers also exist (for a monetary as well as emotional price) for those who need additional care. For more advice about caring for seniors with dementia, please visit the link in the related links.

What is aggressive dementia?

Dementia is a horrible disease that causes you to forget things. It occurs in the brain. Aggressive Dementia is when the disease fights hard and gets worse faster often times at the ending (death) the person with Aggressive Dementia has very severe memory loss, more than a person with regular demetia.

What is a person capacity feelings and wishes when they have dementia?

In dementia the ability to have feelings is largely intact. In fact, it is often enhanced as evidenced by mood swings. How much dementia patients can formulate and express wishes depends on the stage of dementia.

How do you use a person centered approach with an individual with learning difficulties and dementia?

Describe how a person centred approach enables individual with dementia to be involved in their own care and support

Why is it important to include a variety of food and drink in the diet of a person with dementia?

Because it tastes good and people with dementia are not dogs....