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No. Huntington's presents based on the amount of CAG repeats in the genomic DNA. Most normal people have below around 30 repeats; those with Huntington's have many more repeats. It is strictly a genetic disease.

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According to the Medical Encyclopedia, Huntington disease is caused by a defect in the gene (an inherited unit which contains a code for a protein) of unknown function called huntingtin.

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Q: How is Huntington's disease inherited in a family?
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How is huntingtons disease inherited?

Its Passed On From Your Parents Its Inherited

How do you inherit Huntington's?

Huntingtons disease is inherited from your parents

What causes huningtons disease?

Huntingtons disease is a genetic/inherited diesease. It is caused by a faulty allele (a dominant one), which can be inherited by parents. Spontanoius mutations may also occur which would cause the faulty gene and therefore huntingtons disorder.

Is huntingtons disease due to lack of chromosomes?

No, the Huntington's disease is inherited from either the mother or father. It's genes not a lack of chromosomes.

How does genetic factors lead to ill-health?

by inherited disorder from both or one parent, such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis, parkinsons disease, huntingtons disease etc.

Is the Huntingtons gene inherited as a dominant or ressisive gene?

The Huntington's gene is inherited as a dominant gene. This means that a person only needs to inherit one copy of the mutated gene from either parent to develop the condition.

How are Huntingtons Disease and Hemophilia the same?

They are very different diseases. Their points in common are that they are both inherited diseases, and they make a major impact on your life.

How is celiac disease inherited?

By your family.

How can you inherit huntingtons disease?

Huntington's is a genetic disease meaning that it is inherited to offspring of effected parents. If one of your biological parents have it you are at risk. I would ask my doctor for genetic testing to see if I had it.

Symptoms of huntingtons disease?

The symptoms of Huntingtons Disease are, mental deterioration and uncontrollable movements; symptoms usually appear in middle ages.

Is heart disease inherited?

It is not inherited like say.. Sickle Cell Anemia, but if you have a family history of Heart disease, you do have a higher chance of getting it.

Is cystic fibroses linked with huntingtons disease?