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An AA is generally 50-60 units or the first 2 years of college. Contact your college.

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Q: How many credits to get an AA degree in Mental Health?
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Would 184 Credits be considered to many for a bachelors in Health Services Management?

It's not the number of credits that determines which degree and program, but where those credits fit into the specific curriculum. In addition, you cannot say it is a bachelor's degree in health services management until the registrar of the school validates you have completed the program successfully and have graduated.

How many credits do you need to get a nutrition degree?

Obtaining a college degree is very important. For an Associates degree, 60 semester credits, for a Bachelors 120 credits are needed. This also depends on the college and degree specifics.

How many credits required for batchulars degree?

24 credits towards a Bachelors degree; in addition to 24 needed for the associates

How many credits do you need to get a degree?


How many credits required for master's degree?

It depends on what degree you are completing, but most master's degrees require 30-36 credits to be completed after the bachelor's degree.

How many high school credits do you need to graduate in Searcy AR?

22 credits: 4 credits English 3 credits Math (4 for AR challege scholorship) 3 credits Science 3 credits Social Studies 2 credit Foreign Laguage (for a higher degree) .5 credit PE, Health, Art, & Speech

How many college credits need from associate college to a bachelor in nursing?

If your associate's degree was in nursing, then it will take an additional 60 to 64 credits to complete the bachelor's degree. If it was not, then it depends on what your major was in at the associate degree level, and how many credits are actually transferable to the four years institution.

How many credits for masters degree in general management?

Depending on the specialty, it could take between 33 and 46 credits.

How many college credits do you need for a bachelor of arts in biology?

The degree will take 124 to 128 credits.

How many college credits do you need complete a bachelor's degree in education?

You need sixty college credits.

How many credits are needed to have an AAA?

Typically an associates degree is between 60 and 64 credits depending on state mandates and the specific program of study. There are some programs that will take more credits to complete. These are usually within the allied health fields. Still, the associates is designed to be a two year program of study provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the institution.

How many college credits are needed to obtain a masters degree?

It depends on the specific program of study. The master's degree can range from 30 credits to 60 credits - once again - depending of the program of study.