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You should not use a hearing aid when their is an open sore. Allow the sore to heal.

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Q: Is it safe to use an ear hearing aid when I have an open sore within the ear?
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What is the medical term meaning open sore in the lining of the duodenum?

A duodenal ulcer is an open sore in the lining of the duodenum.

What is a open sore called?


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How do I close an open sore?

I would do it with the help of my healthcare provider. An open sore can be caused by any number of things, and without knowing why the open sore is there, how and when to close it are open to medical scrutiny. Leaving it open may put you at risk for a harmful or even dangerous infection. Closing a sore without addressing its cause may bring about much more harm than simply leaving it alone. You need help to do this right.

What does it mean when a bed sore isn't an open wound but its black and purple?

It means that the bed sore has gotten severely infected. In these cases, it would be better if the sore was an open wound. This way, you or your physician could easily be able to clean it.

Is it possible for your toddler to scream so loud to seriously damage my hearing?

Yes because your ears get sore

How do you get rid of open sore on your face?

How do you get rid of open sores that been there almost a month.

What is an open sore in the lining of the stomach or small intestine?

Open sores that occur inside the stomach lining are called ulcers. Having these ulcers frequently is referred to as open sore stomach.

Go swimming with poison oak sore?

If you are swimming in clean, chlorinated water this would be safe. If the water is not very clean, then there is a risk of exposing your sore to an infection. Personally, I would wait for the sore to heal.

After 3 weeks pregnant is it possible to have sore breasts?

Yes you can have sore breast within only 3 weeks of pregnancy, its has happened to me.

Why does your nipples become sore or sensitive during pregnancy?

They become sore due to the changes going on within your breast - the production of milk.

Is sore an abstract noun?

No, the noun 'sore' is a concretenoun, a word for an open skin lesion, wound, or ulcer; a word for a physical thing.