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If you want to know why your mother makes you wear girls panties there is only one thing you can do... Ask her. If you are unhappy with it ask her directly something on the lines of, "Why are you making me wear girls panties when I am a boy? Girls panties are not designed for boys and they are uncomfortable for me to wear." If this doesn't help discuss the situation with an adult you can trust and ask them for their advice. If you are happy to wear them that is fair enough but it should still be your choice to wear gilrs panties, not your mothers. If you aren't happy to wear them it is quite simply wrong to force you to wear them. Show her this whole answer if you think it might help.... "Mom, have you got a secret sexual hang up? Well don't take it out on your son. Making a boy wear girls panties is not a good idea. Physically girls panties are not designed to accomodate a boy's penis and scrotum. They will press his testes up against his body and as boys testes need to hang loose to produce sperm efficiently you could cause permanent damage to him. Knowing this, why would you want to do that? You could also cause your son mental health problems well into the future by forcing him to wear girls clothing and undermining his masculinity. To say nothing of the ridicule he may be subjected to if other boys find out he is wearing girls panties. What you are doing is wrong, and you know it, so stop it, now."

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Q: Mom makes you wear girls panties?
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Do you wear nylon panties when getting a spanking?

Yes i do. As a child mom would pull up my dress or lower my pants for a spanking. Mom would spank me over my nylon panties with her hairbrush. Even when i have been spanked as an adult i still get spankings over nylon panties.

How does a 14 year old boy tell his mom that he likes to wear girls' clothes?

There is a reason why you can't find your own. And I think you might know what that reason is.

How to get your mom to let you wear girls underwear if your a 12 year old boy?

You should make a list of the pros and cons, plus why you want to wear girls underwear. As a 12 year old boy, you will need to make your mom understand why you do not want to wear boys underwear.

How do you wear guy cloths on meez if you a girl?

U can ask ur mom or dad but if u don't want to get embarrassed u can ask a boy or steal ur bros if u have a brother I'm a boy and I don't tell my mom that I wear panties I just take my sisters

How does aboy tell his mom he wants his own panties?

with a lot of cautionYou should have a chat with your mom and see what she thinks about a guy who wears panties first then if she is ok you could hint to the choice you are making

Why do moms make their boys wear panties?

It is often for saving money. Mothers who have several daughters and a boy that is younger than the girls will simply use the girl's outgrown things for the boy. They don't think it makes good sense to toss out good clothing and buy new just because someone says it is for a different gender. My mom used some of my older sister's things for me. I would even wear a dress or skirt for playing at home. I felt comfortable in a dress or skirt. loved the freedom of movement.

How do you wear diapers with your mom knowing?

When you put on under wear put on diapers as well! Hopefully, your mom isn't so nosy that when you put on pants, she makes you take them off. That would be weird.

What is Lewis and Clark connection's to Missouri?

After they scwed you mom and stool all her panties.

Why does your mom insist on you changing your panties?

Periods, germs, poo stains, ect.

Is it ok to lick the panties of your mom?

Yes, but not while she is wearing them, only after she has worn them.

Should you wear your moms panties?

Well, I have been doing it for a number of years now and they feel really nice, so yes. Wear them all the time, especially if your mom is on. Is that a male or a female asking/answering? probly male well its up to you but i do it and its comfortable If you do so you should talk to your mom about it first once she is okay with it she will probably get you your own

Should women wear panties to bed?

Absolutely not. A vagina needs to breathe to maintain PH levels and avoid fungi and odor. Overwhelmingly doctors recommend going panty free at night, particularly because during the day woman wear a variety of panties and tight outfits that don't allow your vagina to breathe. Cotton panties are recommended, but style often dictates otherwise. So, give it air at night. Comfort is an issue too. If you are not comfortable without panties, wear boxers or pajamas. If you are prone to yeast infections, then absolutely avoid wearing panties at night except during menstruation. If you have no yeast problems and you want to wear them, go on. But bare in mind that slight odors will occur that you may be unaware of. The Doctors TV should addressed this a few weeks ago. They all said you shouldn't wear panties to bed unless you have your period or a medical reason. They said the vagina needs to breathe just as your ears and nose. They said no panties at night and cotton crotch by day. I have always gone commando at night since my mom told me that is just good hygene.