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The gene codes for a protein called huntingtin found on the short arm of chromosome 4.

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Yes, #4.

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Q: What allele and chromosome is huntington's disease found on?
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What an allele?

An allele is an alternative form of a gene that is found at the same location on a chromosome.

Is Huntingtons disease non disjunction?

No. Hemophilia is the result of any of a number of mutations such as reversals, translations, deletions, etc. These mutations need to have occurred in a very specific segment of the coding found on the X chromosome. The replication of that X chromosome however is unaffected with the exception that the mutation on it is replicated as well.

What is Unit of inheritance present on the chromosome is called?

The unit of heredity found on a chromosome is called a gene.

Why is hemophilia more common in males than women?

this disease is caused by a recessive allele that is found only on the x chromosome. a human female has two x chromosomes. a human male only has 1 x chromosome. therefore, a male needs only one recessives allele to have hemophilia, while a female needs two recessive allele. as a result, hemophilia is much more common in males.

What is an allele inherited on a sex-chromosome?

A gene found on a sex chromosome is known as a sex-linked gene. Alleles are the different forms of a gene.

Who found the gene for huntingtons disease?

The hunt for the gene was accomplished by the work of many dedicated researchers working cooperatively.

Is achondroplasia y linked?

It isn't - it's found on one of your autosomes: the 22 non-sex chromosomes. It's found on the fourth chromosome.

What kind of gene pair is found in the female carrier of a sex linked disorder?

In the female carrier of a sex-linked disorder, there would typically be one normal allele and one mutated allele for the gene associated with the disorder on the X chromosome. This is because females have two X chromosomes, and one copy of the X chromosome with the mutated allele can be masked by the normal allele on the other X chromosome.

What chromosome is polycystic kidney disease found?

It is a mutated gene called PKD1 located on chromosome 16.

Which allele is associated with the BRCA2 mutation?

The BRCA2 mutation is associated with a variety of mutations across its gene. However, most commonly, the mutation is found in one allele of the BRCA2 gene located on chromosome 13.

How are terms gene locus and allele related?

A gene locus refers to the specific position of a gene on a chromosome, while an allele refers to different versions of the same gene that can exist at a particular locus. In other words, a gene locus is the physical location of a gene on a chromosome, while an allele is a specific variant or form of that gene found at that locus.

What chromosome number is affected by alzheimer's disease?

Chromosome numbers: 1, 14, 19, and 21 are affected by Alzheimer's disease.