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They dance

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Q: What do capillaries in the kidneys do?
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Capillaries coming from the tubules in the kidneys merge to form small?


Capillaries coming from the tubules in the kidneys merge to form a small?


Where does the exchange of food and wastes occur?


Autoimmune disease in which antibodies damage the capillaries of the kidneys?

Acute glomerulonephritis

Explain Why fluid flows from the capillaries of the kidneys into the kidney tubules?

because the fluid pressure in the capillaries is higher than that of kidney tubules

What is the name of the clump of capillaries in the kidneys where the process of making urine starts?


What structure in the kidneys is responsible for removing waste from the blood?

Either air sacs or capillaries

What is diabetic nephrology?

It is a progressive kidney disease caused by damage to the capillaries in the kidneys glomeruli.

Where is the simple squamus found?

Simple Squamous are found in ventral body cavities, alveoli and capillaries in the lings, in the kidneys, capillaries where diffusion and osmosis occur, all vessels, and the heart.

Cappilaries found in?

Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels that supply blood to the organs and muscles of the body, transferring oxygen to and carbon dioxide from them. Capillaries are found around the body, everywhere. High blood pressure causes the capillaries to burst. Bursting capillaries in the brain cause strokes, and bursting capillaries in the kidneys cause kidney failure.

What is the knot of coiled capillaries found in the kidneys and forms the filtrate?

This is a tuft of capillaries called the glomerulus. The glomerulus is one of the key structures that make up the nephron, the functional unit of the kidney.

What filters liquid waste from the body?