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Hepatic Portal Vein

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Q: What drains the digestive viscera and carries dissolved nutrients to the liver for processing?
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Does plasma carry food from the digestive system?

Yes and no. It carries nutrients and electrolytes that is absorbed from your intestines.

What nutrients does hepatic portal system carry?

The hepatic portal system carries nutrients from the digestive system to the liver for processing and storage. These nutrients include glucose, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals absorbed from the food we eat.

What carries water dissolved nutrients from the roots to the leaves?


What part of the body is portal?

The portal vein is a blood vessel that carries blood from the digestive organs to the liver. It plays a crucial role in delivering nutrients and toxins absorbed from the intestines to the liver for processing.

How does the circulatory system compliment the digestive system?

It carries nutrients, extracted by the digestive system, to the cells; then returns waste products from the cells to the digestive system for elimination.

What is a fluid that carries substances both in its cells and dissolved in its liquid?

Blood is a fluid that carries substances in its cells (such as red and white blood cells) and dissolved in its liquid (such as oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and waste products).

How does the circulatory system depend on the digestive system?

The circulation system gives oxygen to the digestive system organs to keep them alive and carries nutrients from the digestive system to every cell in the body.

What is the relation ship of circulatory in digestive system?

The digestive system breaks down nutrients and allows them to be absorbed the the circulatory system, which carries them to all body cells. The circulatory system carries needed materials to the cells of the digestive system, so that they can carry out body processes.

Is it true that plasma carries food from the digestive system to your body cells?

Yes, "plasma" is the term for the main component of blood, and it carries nutrients. However, it is a liquid, not a plasma.

What system makes nutrients available to all cells?

The circulatory system pumps the blood which carries the nutrients that the cells needs. The circulatory system gets the nutrients from the digestive system.

What carries nutrients to the body's cells?

The bloodstream carries nutrients to the body's cells. Nutrients from the food we eat are absorbed in the digestive system and then transported via the bloodstream to cells throughout the body, providing them with the necessary energy and building blocks for proper functioning.

What is the process called that carries dissolved materials downward in soil?

The process is called leaching, where water carries dissolved materials downward through the soil profile. This can lead to nutrients being lost from the topsoil and potentially causing groundwater contamination.