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I hurt my wrist falling in Basketball and it is very sore. What could it be?

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Q: What happened to my wrist?
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What happened to Lady Gaga peace tattoo?

Nothing, it is still there on her left wrist. :)

What happened to brendan Morrison?

He underwent wrist surgery this year and is scheduled to return sometime this year.

Can you get shingles down your arm and elbow?

Yes, it is possible to develop shingles on the arm and elbow. Shingles results from the reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus, which initially causes chickenpox. The condition typically presents with a painful rash that can appear anywhere on the body, including the arm and elbow. Treatment usually involves antiviral medications to alleviate symptoms and shorten the duration of the illness.

What is the scientific name for the carpals?

The scientific name for the carpals is "ossa carpi" or "carpal bones." These are the small bones that make up the wrist in humans and other vertebrates.

What is skycraper by Demi Lovato about?

it was about what has happened to her from last year to this July. she cut her wrist when she was eleven because it was a way of expressing her shame. she was bullied because she was fat. and she was suffering from bulimia which is eating disorder's and other symptoms so that was why she was crying fotted and had tattoo's on her wrist

Can you write a sentence using the word wrist?

Examples of using the word "wrist".My wrist looks cool with this wrist band.My wrist ache's as i got hurt yesterday.

Is buttocks lateral from wrist?

Yes, buttocks are lateral to the wrist. Lateral refers to the side of the body, and the buttocks are located to the side of the body away from the midline where the wrist is located.

What is the agonist and antagonist muscle pair in the wrist?

The agonist muscle for wrist flexion is the flexor carpi radialis, while the antagonist muscle is the extensor carpi radialis longus. These muscles work in opposition to produce movement at the wrist joint.

Is the wrist proximal to the fingers?

Yes, the wrist is proximal to the fingers. Proximal means closer to the body's center or point of attachment, while distal means farther away. In this case, the wrist is closer to the body's center compared to the fingers.

Is the wrist distal or proximal to the shoulder?

The wrist is distal to the shoulder. The shoulder is proximal to the wrist.

Are the fingers lateral to your wrist?

Yes, the fingers are lateral to the wrist. Lateral refers to the side of the body or body part that is away from the midline. In the case of the wrist, the fingers are located on the lateral side.

What muscle is the antagonist during extension of forearm?

The flexor carpi radialis is the agonist muscle in wrist flexion. This muscle, know as a wrist flexor, is located in the forearm.