What is pediculosis humanus capitis?

Updated: 11/14/2022
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Pediculosis humanus capitis is the head louse.

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Q: What is pediculosis humanus capitis?
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What is the scientific name of head louse?

Pediculus humanus capitis

What causes head lice?

Head lice, or pediculosis capitis, is caused by an infestation of head lice, peduculis humanus capitis. It is spread by direct head to head contact with an infected person. Transmission by bedding, clothing, or headgear is possible, though less common.

What are the two scientific name for lice?

If you are referring to head lice, there is only one scientific name for head lice. Pediculus humanus capitis is the scientific name for head lice. The scientific name for body lice is Pediculus humanus humanus.

What is the medical term meaning lice infestation?

PediculosispediculosisThe CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that Pediculosis Capitis-aka head lice- does not cause any known disease or medical condition. The body lice are the only infestations that can carry disease.

What organism causes infestations of body lice?

Infestations of body lice are caused by Pediculosis humanus corporis, an organism that is similar in size to head lice.

What reading material is available on lice infestations in Australia?

Hunter, J. A., and S. C. Barker. "Susceptibility of Head Lice (Pediculus humanus capitis ) to Pediculicides in Australia." Parasitology Research 90 (August 2003): 476-478.

When was Pediculus humanus created?

Pediculus humanus was created in 1758.

What is the scientific name for a louse?

Lice (singular, louse) belong to a large order of parasitic wingless insects; order Phthiraptera. The headlouse - one of about 3,000 species of lice described so far - goes by the scientific name Pediculus humanus capitis.

What are antagonist muscle in head flexion?

semispinalis capitis splenius capitis longismuss capitis spinalis capitis trapezius

Which greek or latin word does not belong with the others- humanus auto or anthropos?


What is the genus name for Pediculus humanus?

The genus name for Pediculus humanus is Pediculus.

What does pediculosis mean?

Pediculosis is a term that refers to an infestation of lice on the body or scalp. It can cause itching, irritation, and discomfort. Treatment typically involves using special shampoos or medications to kill the lice and their eggs.